Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 12, 2012

Thank-you and Bravo to fabulous young people!

Isn’t this young man’s hair amazing? Wow! It must have taken some serious time and talent to cut this, and then for him to style it each day would be a project.

It has been a very interesting week, and here it was only Wednesday!

I went through a few days of not being able to access my money to pay bills, purchase things that were needed, or even get food in the house. At the same time, my health insurance kept saying I wasn’t covered.

Then, after many phone calls, it finally said I was covered. yippee! I went to the pharmacy to pick up insulin, which I was out of and found they hadn’t fixed the problem with the prescription part of the coverage. sigh! A 20 day supply is $367.00. Not something I can just pull out.

As of today, and many phone calls later, all of these irritating issues are resolved and I was able to do a few things that were very needed.

Now, in our fair city it has been very hot and humid, and the smoke from fires to the north and south are socking into our lovely valley. Every day we have had temperatures that are 100+, and the humidity is very unusual for us at this time of year. I’m talking soaking wet moisture! I mentioned this on my post about the hats and my Bible ink bleeding into smears. But then, it got worse!

Now, in the midst of going out in the heat to get things done, taking my sweet husband along to get what he needed, then not being able to pay, going for groceries and that card didn’t work either, then going to pharmacy and that one didn’t either. . . well, it was such a wasted trip in the heat and soggy wetness. The air was so dense with smoke and moisture I was huffing and puffing! I breathed like I had a glass of water in each lung! When I saw the brown-redness of the sky, I knew the smoke from the fires had reached us. And that is never good for my asthma, or anyone else’s for that matter. I felt like I might need to chew as I inhaled, it looked so solid!

Well, this happened a couple of days in a row, getting out in the heat with assurances that things were corrected.

Now, the first thing of this mess to clear was the card I use to buy groceries, so I took my sweetheart for his coffee, cream and mocha that he’d been out of. I found that this one woman kept following me around, and loudly. She was pushing her cart into mine, blocking me or even coming from behind and running into my legs. This can be an issue if they hit the back of your heel, so I started really watching for her.

When I lined up to put the produce on the belt, she lined up right behind me! I just smiled at her and tried to get finished quickly!  This was the second store I had encountered this kind of behavior with people around me and I was patient, but growing weary.

There was a lovely latino family in front of me, and they had lots of groceries. The little ones, 2 and 3 years old I am guessing, were sitting on the floor reading magazines. They were so adorable.

When this family was finished with their groceries being checked, they began to bag their food in lovely fabric bags, all solid green with black trim. It was a lot of work, so the husband and wife worked together very well and quickly. Suddenly, as I was ready to pay for my few groceries, the gentleman asked the checker if she had charged for the cases of bottled drinking water on the bottom (underneath) of the cart. There were several large cases, so it would be pricey.

The checker said yes, but he looked at his receipt and had her show him where it was! He said excuse me, to me and gave her the receipt. I was so amazed!

You see, sometimes people laugh at me, because if I get home, or even out to the car, with an item I was not billed for, I will bring it back, have them scan it and pay for it. If I keep it knowing that I didn’t pay, no matter the reason then it is stealing. I know they expect payment, and if there is an error, it is my responsibility to make it right if I am aware of it. If you take what you know isn’t yours, it is stealing. Simple, right?

I have friends and family who would do the same, but it seems in this world that people think we are stupid for not taking the free item. After all, it is “their” fault.

This young man was in his upper 20’s or so, and had a large burden of food to pay for. It was obvious he had come with his little family after working in the heat and dirt all day, and here he was being honest and insistent that he pay what was right and fair.

Wow! More than once I have encountered polite, respectful and honest young adults and teens of many different races and cultures, and I just wanted to honor these young ones in a blog.

We hear so much on the news or in our neighborhoods of the ones who are into gangs, or selfish and rude, and we seldom hear of those who are such wonderful people and good examples in their youth.

This is one of my nephews with his firstborn son. (He now has another baby boy!) My nephew is an awesome young man too, like his brother and his daddy.

To all the young people who have shown courtesy and respect for my senior-aged husband, my mother, myself – a short, fluffy, middle-aged woman…I thank you!

And, I am proud of you!

You show this world there is still hope, that there are plenty of young people who are setting the right example in front of their children and this world.

We must remember to not judge by style, hair, size, shape or nationality. God still makes wonderful people today.

My trips out into the heat, smoke and humidity were not wasted at all. I got to witness a wonder. You make my day a day to smile about!!!

How many of you have encountered fabulous young people in your lives and in your average day?

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