Posted by: shelleyjomoozings | July 13, 2012

Knit Toy Giveaway by Crayons and Milk

Crayons and milk is having a fabulous giveaway!

Here is her blog post on it:

Giveaway: I’m Knitting For You.

She knits delightful toys, and has a choice of 3 that she is offering for her giveaway.

One is a ballerina, one is a chef, and one is a nurse. Aren’t they are adorable?


All you do is go to her blog, click like, become a follower of her blog (such a good blog, too of lovely knitted toys), and comment on her post saying which toy you would like. Then, if you either post about the giveaway on your blog or advertise this giveaway somewhere like facebook, you can have 2 entries.

That is all! You are entered just by liking, following and commenting. If you re-post, you are entered twice.

I find it very easy to blog about her give-a-way as I enjoy her blog so much! I check in with it regularly, and I think you will enjoy it, too.



  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve added your name twice to my excel sheet! :)

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