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Craftlympics is Almost here! Are you ready???

Only 12 days until Craftlympics!!! Yay!

So, have any of you been thinking about what you will be working on during Olympics? Do you have a plan yet? Are your goals written down?

I have changed my mind so many times it is spinning, like a revolving door; in and out, in and out, shall I do this? No, this!

I am laughing as I write this. Because I was sooo sure when I started this plan on what I would be working on! WIPs. I will surely be working on a WIP or two, but I am really leaning toward writing a story, and an illustration for my sister’s story.

I only hope I can pull it up and do it!

If you need a refresher on what I am talking about, see the original post on Enjoying Olympics Creatively. Just click on categories and on Olympics. It will take you to it.

I had an easy and simple stomach test on Friday. It is one where they put nuclear medicine in your scrambled eggs and make you eat them all. 2 whole eggs worth! It was huge, and kept getting even more huge as I ate them. I also had one piece of toast with a butter type substance.

The thing is, I don’t sleep at night, and this was at 9:30 in the morning. So eating that much was just way over the top for me.

They gave me a bit of water to sip on, too. Then told me I can have no more fluid or anything to eat until the tests were over…4 hours. I am fine with no more food at that point, but no water? That was hard.

After you eat, and they “encourage” you along on how fast you eat, then you stand in between x-ray boards and they take an image of the nuclear stuff in your stomach. It takes one minute.

You come back in one hour, they take one more image to see how fast your stomach is emptying. It takes one minute.

You come back in one hour, they take another one minute image. Where is the food now?

You come back in two hours, they take the last one minute image.

Because I didn’t care to fight the parking on a day that was over 100 degrees and humid, I stayed at the hospital. I took a tote bag of things to do, then after the first image was taken I went into the waiting area and … slept! Ha-ha! Or at least I tried to. I did manage to go into a relaxed state, in spite of the family that was waiting for reports on grandma.

There were at least 30 of them, and a minimum of 10 were under 10 years of age. So much noise. And I must be honest with you, it wasn’t the children making the noise! Haha! All of them spoke in Spanish, so I could only make out bits of what they were saying. It was nice, actually. Since I didn’t understand enough to pay attention to their conversations, I could just mentally go somewhere else.

It is amazing how many people are in that main waiting area at any given time. So many waiting for news, and so many lives changed in a moment. I sat and prayed as I overheard too many words that were not good.

At lunch, I was in the cafeteria, even though I could not eat or drink anything. I sat in a corner in the back. It was cooler down there (basement), and people are either talking with someone they know, or are staying alone, so you can just do what you wish and no one cares. I pulled out my crochet that I haven’t worked on since I last posted on my potholders. I did a little of the back piece.

Then two women came in with an ice chest. They had homemade soup, nectarines, and various other lovely things, and iced tea from home. Smart women. You could tell they were there for a duration and came prepared. As the soup was heated and ready, they held hands, bowed their heads and prayed for blessing, for the food and for their loved one. I stilled my hook and prayed with them. It was precious. I felt I was there for a reason.

Today was Sunday, and I am still troubled from the medicine they used in the eggs. On Friday, I had a chemical burn type of reaction in my mouth and on my tongue. It is almost healed now. But my stomach and lower regions are still struggling. They said there would be no effect, but there is. Just so you know if you ever have this test. I guess most people don’t have a problem, but I did. It is my third day and I still don’t feel well. I feel quite badly, actually.

I am hoping I am so well and energic for the Olympics that I can accomplish more than I can even believe!

My plan at the moment is:

1. Write a story that will relate to children and adults.

2. Draw, and hopefully paint, an image for my sister’s story. (That is her plan, to write a children’s story. Her husband is in the hospital right now, and more surgeries may be needed, so hers is depending on how life is at the moment.)

3. Work on beaded eye-glass straps for my mom, hoping to finish them.

4. Finish WIPs that are crochet, most are small and simply require finishing details.

5. I would love to make a small item with new (for me) crochet stitches. There are a few I have wanted to try, and I have found instructions on how to do them! woot-woot!

This is the order I prefer at the moment. Subject to change. Ha-ha! But, for now this is my plan.

Remember: You choose your own goals. You challenge yourself. Be true to yourself! Keep track of your own goals, projects, finishes. You are only accountable to you. At the end, if you would like you may share with us what your projects are and how you feel about them.

If you wish, you may share pictures along the way.

I would love to see your photos and hear your stories!


  1. Been thinking bout you. Sorry you are struggling. I didn’t tell you but they made me do it twice because the dr wasn’t okay with how little I ate the first time. Beings that my whole problem was not being able to tolerate good on my stomach, it was pure misery.

    Hope you feel better soon. When will you get results?

    • Thanks, Diane. Did it give you probs afterward? ugh!
      I made sure I got all the eggs down, but they sat like a rock for two days! I knew if I didn’t get the stuff in me they would call me back.
      I am sorry you have to go through the whole stuff with this doc on Tues, but hopefully they will be able to help you! I love you, sweetie!

      • I was so sick during that time that I was so miserable period. So it’s hard to say what effects were caused from what, you know? They were putting me thru a battery of tests so it was just nine days of pure hell down in SF.

        I fell asleep at 5pm last night. Woke up at 2:30 this morning. Trying to stay quiet for mom. Feel like I need to put something on my tummy but nothing sounds good.

        Long day today and tomorrow. Heading to SF hopefully by 11am this morning. Though I’m not packed or anything.

        Love you.

  2. How awful for you to have those tests – I hope you’re feeling better. I haven’t got anything planned for the Olympics but I’ve got plenty of WIPs – poncho, cushion cover, gloves, about 3 quilts! etc etc. Maggie xx

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, Maggie.
      I have so many WIPs to finish, but alas, it is the new stuff I want to do! Lol!
      The thing is, I saw that knitters were doing a knitting thing during the Olympics and
      thought it would be a good way for us crafters to finish stuff or challenge ourselves with
      new crafty goodness! I hope you join us, even if just finishing WIPs!

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