Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 17, 2012

Simply the most amazing flashmob I have ever seen!

This is a very quick share…

This evening, when I got on facebook, a very dear friend Lori Bordessa, had posted a beautiful video clip from youtube. I am posting it below for you to watch.

My personal recommendation to you is to watch it enlarged to full screen setting, and turn up your volume enough to hear all the tones in it.

The response of the children is precious!

It is a MUST-WATCH-as-you-listen video.

And I started thinking…  what if…

those of you who are musicians

those of you who are dancers

those of you who draw or paint to light and music

those of you who write and do skits, plays, drama

those of you who are poets

those of you who read aloud in public….

and any others of you who have talent and creative arts

that would work together with others you know who perform such fabulous arts

and orchestrate, choreograph, or whatever is needed to pull together an event like this in your area!

Wouldn’t it be a great, Olympic-worthy event?

Can you see this happening after your efforts and talents in unity with others came together for a spontaneous “flashmob” performance, free for humanity in your area to enjoy?

Wouldn’t that be a fun and awesome Craftlympic creative event to either lead or participate in?

What do you think???


  1. I love your enthusiasm.

  2. Amazing!

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