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Yarn Bombing, Sand Art and Craft Olympics!

Isn’t this sand art amazing?? I am so in awe of this piece, and of the artisan who designed and crafted it.

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This is a good blog article on yarn bombing, posted on facebook by my new friend, Cina Beena.

I am sharing this with you because she made a comment with this post that this is for her Craft Olympics. What a good thought! I enjoy photos of yarn bombing, and some are just amazing and actually look really good! Some, are not necessarily adding to the beauty of the environment as much as, I think, adding to the delight of the “bomber”.

I believe a lot of the fun with this would be to be sneaky, like a sniper attack! And that would require forethought, skill and speed, no matter what anyone else thinks. I do believe this would be another good group project, with people each doing their own pieces of the needle art, and also coordinating with others in the group so you can cover larger items and have a variety of stitches, colors, textures and people connecting these things into a wonderful piece of art.

I am very much amazed at the sand art at the top of the post. Can you imagine the skill and time this took? To work with sand, which shifts and crumbles, and which all too soon will be washed or blown away. The ocean behind will erase all evidence of this time, skill, labor and art. In no time at all, visitors to this beach will be walking through what once was a magnificent piece of art. The only evidence remaining will be photos of this piece, so I could not help myself but to share it with any who will happen upon my blog.

With the 2012 Olympics in England upon us, and therefore our Craft Olympics, it gave me opportunity and an excuse to share it.

Do you like to sculpt in the sand when you are in an area with sand? I have seen some sand art that is in light boxes and uses colored lights and the artist’s hand sweeping through the sand on the box floor, making images and words, then brushing it away as they go and turning it into yet another piece.

I usually get quite emotional with the video clips of such work, just being so in awe of someone being so skilled and calm in the public eye. Usually there is music of their choice playing while they etch. I absolutely enjoy it all! The above clip is one of my all-time favorites.

You didn’t think I would miss a picture of sand elephants, did you? Tee-hee!

As a young person, I was at the beach once, and I made castles and thought it was something to be pleased with. I laugh now as I see true art, but not laughing to put myself down. I was young and had no clue what could be done with simple sand, moisture and pressure.

Are you thinking of what you might craft during the weeks of the Olympics?

Are any of you on vacation at or near a beach? Do you play in the sand? If you do, photograph it and share with us! I would love to see your art.

Are any others of you interested in yarn bombing (putting your pieces of needle craft on public items, like benches, posts, cars, mailboxes, signs, or any other place that interests you? One woman’s blog shared how she yarn bombed her own front yard! The photos are awesome! She knitted pieces and trimmed with crochet, then wrapped around her tree trunk and branches. Lovely!

This picture is not her tree picture, but I do love the colors and the crochet work.

As you can see from photos, any of these ideas can be Olympic-sized, and wonderfully overwhelming! But, they can also be personal sized and smaller. More do-able for one person who has much going on in life, like the yarn bombed chain link in a photo above.

What do you think? Sound like Craft Olympic-worthy ideas?

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