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100 Reasons to be Cheerful, for my 100th post!

With a shout-out to, who is one to practice cheerfulness every day! Hi from Northern California, Gracie!

1. I know God loves me, no matter what!

2. After 32 years together, my husband still loves me, no matter what!

3. I love my husband, no matter what!

My sweetheart.

4. My husband has survived various health crises and surgeries, some very serious.

5. My oldest brother, Michael is still alive, several years after being classed as terminal, and though he is on hospice.

Myke and Angel at Monterey, Cal.

6. My brother, Michael is more than alive, he is living and enjoying the tastes of life more than in years.

7. I have seen my entire family this year, and there are wonderful photos of us together, including the usual funny ones!

8. My sister (Binkysbaubles) husband Fred has survived many, many medical crisis and procedures, and is still with us.

9. Fred is coming home from the hospital today!!! Yay!!!

10. My sister, Binkysbaubles, (child #2) is my best friend on earth.

11. My sister-in-love, Halogirl1 (Myke’s wife) is my other best friend on earth.

12. My sister, Binkysbaubles, loves me no matter what!

13. Halogirl1 loves me, no matter what!

14. My brother (child #3) is a wonderful father and brother.

15. My brother (child #5) is a wonderful father and brother.

16. My mother is still alive at 85!

17. My mother loves me, no matter what.

18. My sister-in-love, Lutinotiels is another one of my best friends on earth.

19. My brother-in-love, Fred, Opa2many, is my brother to me, and loves me no matter what!

20. Every one of my siblings and in-loves love God!

21. I have 5 nephews and 5 niece-in-loves, and every one of them is awesome!

22. I have 2 nieces and both of them are wonderful!

23. I have 6 great nieces, and every one of them are beautiful, strong. smart and important.

24. I have 5 great nephews and every one of them are handsome,strong, smart and important.

25. Each of the people I have mentioned and named above are unique, and I love that about them.

26. St. D is a very dear and important friend in my life. A bestie.

27. Mommy L, A Mom”s Meanderings About Life, is a dear and treasured friend since high school. One of my besties! And, she cooks good BBQ for me sometimes. Yum!

28. Sweet Suzi is a very precious treasure and best friend to me.

29. Mommy L’s daughter, Sweet D, thedianestory,  is a daughter to me, and also a bestie friend!

30. Sweet Suzi’s daughter, Beautiful B is a daughter to me and a bestie friend.

31. Sweet D’s bestie, Sweet Sara is one of my “kids” and a dear friend.

32. All of these named and mentioned above are standing strong in their faith, are strong, beautiful, and love God, though they have been tested by fire, hammered, chilled, battered and worn but sharpened and shining bright as the sun.

33. I am rich in love.

Pulling up love, planting love.

34. I am alive! No weapon formed against me has prospered, or will prosper.

35. I have good neighbors.

36. My neighbors are of various races and cultures.

37. There are many children among my neighbors.

38. There are lots of pets in my apartment complex. I love animals. My family has a lot of pets. Love them!

39. My loves and besties are generous and kind people.

40. My friends help me when I am sick or weak.

41. I have lots of good books to read, some I consider friends.

42. My Bible is my best friend, and never lies to me.

43. I can receive hard truth, even when I don’t like it.

44. I have a good church, and awesome pastors.

45. I am able to do various artsy and craftsy things.

46. I love to learn!

47.Though laid off and with no personal income I still have a place to live.

48. My car was tuned up for me, and some things fixed.

49. I still have my car!

50. My baby brother got to go to the coast for his short vacation, and is there with his family now.  :D

51. I have good food available to me.

52. Farmer’s market three days a week! Lots of fresh produce and wonderful people.

53. The farmer’s market has yummy, fresh tomatoes and pattypan squash now!

55. I am surrounded by astounding beauty all year round.

56. I am not poor! I always have so much to share with others.

57. I have hope.

58. I have a blog and enjoy writing it.

59. I love water. I have clean drinking water, and can bathe or shower when I choose.

60. There are so many wonderful video’s to watch for free!

61. I have good friends from many walks of life.

62. My mom sent me a card early this month. She sends one every month.

63. My mom writes sweet things to me in the cards she sends.

64. There are free instructional videos on youtube on more subjects than I can ever learn in my lifetime.

65. There are so many websites and blogs that share what I love for free, like crochet, knit, sewing, cooking, etc.

66. I love doing dishes!

67. My husband is patient with my night-owl tendencies.

68. I enjoy cooking and baking, when I am feeling well, and change things up to make my own recipes.

69. I have met fabulous people from many nations and states in our nation.

70. I have worshiped God with people from 149 nations, singing to the God we love together in one physical place.

80. I have the freedom to believe as I choose.

81. Other people in my nation (USA) also have freedom to believe as they choose.

82. I have the liberty to say and write what I want to, and so does everyone in my nation.

83. I love to dance.

84. I love to exercise, but have to “start again” after this bout of sickness.

85. I get to start again!

86. I am unique, and I am okay with that. Actually, I have gone from being miserable with it, to being very happy with it.

87. I have been forgiven so much.

88. I have the privilege to forgive, pray for and bless others, no matter what!

89. I have air conditioning for these hot summer days.

90. I have phone, internet AND TV to watch by antenna.

91. I have lots of music I can listen to.

92. There is a lot of beautiful art I can look at and enjoy.

93. My town has several wonderful parks.

94. My town has my favorite of all parks in it, and it is always beautiful.

95. I have pumpkin seeds to snack on today! yum-yum!

96. I have a lot of great supplies for my crafts and art.

97. I had the most wonderful job for 22 years! I loved it!

98. I have driven in all sorts of weather and beauty, and around our county.

99. I love to take walks, and have good places to walk.

100. My friend, Sweet  Suzi’s husband, Larry cooks up a mean BBQ when we come to dinner.  How cool is that?


  1. 100 beautiful parts of you to be thankful for. Shelly I have to do this for my own blog. What an inspiration, it’s funny how the lord gives you exactly what you need to see when you need to see it and I needed to see this.

    • Thank you, Cina. I am glad it was just at the right timing. Love you, my new friend, and praying for you today.

  2. Ok, after a couple of hints at dinner tonight I peeked at your postings. Loved this posting. Makes one turn a bad attitude into one that is praising God. No I was not having a bad attitude cuz I got to enjoy great company and great food cooked by that great company. But if I was having a bad attitude, it would have been gone.

    • Thanks, Teri! I love you!!! Dinner was wonderful, even if I did an oops! and let Myke find a bit of onion in his roast and taters! hwhw! It was good to see you, and you look fab.

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