Posted by: shelleyjomoozings | July 19, 2012

My favorite video of all time…Waterfall.

This is my absolute, all-time, favorite video.

I can just soak in this one for hours, over and over. All of my earthly trouble and distresses seem to fade away and I have even had aches and pains leave me, just through watching and listening, and then leaning back with eyes closed and listening again as I think of God, and chat with Him, listening for His response. I have even slept at times when I was so exhausted that I was ill from lack of sleep.

Pattie Ann Hale   (You can also find CD’s of John Tussey at this site. His music is an important part of the blessing of the Spirit in this video.)

Pattie Ann Hale is a favorite artist of mine. Her paintings speak to me, and sometimes as I look at them longer, I can feel them in my belly. Thoughts from God and His word come to mind and heart.

This vimeo video is posted on her facebook page, as are some of her paintings. She also has a fabulous blog, and a blog of her love and prayers for the Appalachian mountains, and a dot com shop. The dot com has some of her fabulous paintings showing on it. You can find the links to these above. You can also find 3 links on my blogroll, each saying Pattie Ann Hale on them.

I hope you visit her sites and are encouraged and refreshed as I am.  Those of you who are strained to the last nerve, pressured by life, weary or sick in spirit, soul or body…I pray you find God’s love and healing touch, His refreshing and strengthening…the hope that only heaven can give.

At the end of this video, there are options for watching a few of her other ones. In a few, she is actually painting as the music is playing and she worships God through her art. I am truly strengthened and have hope again when watching and listening to any one of them.

For my very dear loves who are hitting the hardest place, this post is for you. And it is for those we don’t know who are going through hard situations and illnesses and need a lift. It is also for you who love art and music, and seeing someone paint.

God bless you all.

Shalom, Shalom!


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