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How to Peel a Potato! It’s so easy!

I am sorry! It wouldn’t let me embed the video clip, so here is the link above.

Do any of you remember the old TV show, Gilligan’s Island? Well, there was a cast of people who took a 3 hour tour on a boat, and got stranded on an Island. It was funny and lighthearted. It was very silly, actually, but I enjoyed it at the time.

One of the people who were stranded was a brunette young woman named Mary Ann. She was pretty, down to earth farm girl. An all natural girl. I loved her character.

In this video, the brunette woman named Dawn Wells is the actress who played Mary Ann.

She has the easiest and best tip I have ever seen for peeling a potato quickly and easily. No muss. No fuss.

When I first saw this, I thought, where was this information while I was peeling hundreds of pounds of potatoes in my life?

I am very impressed with this. I just need to give up some of my precious ice once in a while. Ha-ha! (I am an ice fiend.)

I wanted to share it with you.

And, in spite of how lighthearted this is, and practical for every day life, I want to give honor and blessing to the survivors of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado once again and say, you are not forgotten. We care very much for you.

And, we care for those in Bulgaria and Israel who lived through the bombings, and for those who have survived recent fires, earthquakes, beatings, and betrayal of loved ones. The news is full, and reminding us why we pray to a living God Who hears us and Who cares.

If God cares about such glorious detail and color in His creation, surely He is weeping for your pain and sorrow. He longs to be gracious to you.

He also reminds us that life is not over, hope is not dead. For those who remain, there is always beauty near. Though weeping lasts through the night, joy does come in the morning.

When He cleanses, puts His ointment (His word and oil of the Holy Spirit) on your wound, and bandages it tenderly, you will be restored in time and be able to appreciate life and color, refreshing breezes and waters once again.

You will have new eyes once again, a brighter world of color and life all about you, even in the smallest things like insects, birds and feathers.

For now, we carry you in our hearts. We pray for your healing and full recovery. We pray and watch to see new life springing up in you. We carry love for you. We carry hope for you until you and those who love you can carry it for yourselves.

(All images in this post are not my own. They have been shared publicly on social networking sites and I do not know who’s they are. Whoever you are who shared such beauty and prayer with us, thank you!)

I know it is hard to believe in times like this, especially for the ones who have endured these traumas of life, but you are loved. You are cherished. You are precious and of great value. You will rise again, beauty from ashes, with your beauty stunning and clear, and your fragrance intoxicating.

This painting is called beauty from Ashes, by Lori Bordessa.

I want you to have a good picture of transformation. If your life, or those you love looks and feels like the charred image on the left half, I want to encourage you. In the right time, you and yours will transform into beauty again like the image on the right.

Have faith. And if you don’t have faith, or just can’t right now, that is okay. It really is. We will have it for you.

In a story in the New Testament, there was a lame man who laid on a mat. His friends heard that Jesus was near and was healing people. So, they climbed up on the roof of the building Jesus was in, and hauled their friend up there. They tore out huge cement squares of the roof and lowered their friend at Jesus’ feet. It says, “He saw their faith (the friends who worked to bring their friend to him), and healed him.” And this man took up his mat and walked. (Luke 5:17-26)

We are your friends, and we have faith for you, whoever you are who are going through tragic and horrible things. Those who’s pain is invisible, as well as those who’s pain is known. We have faith for each of you, and we bring you to His feet.

We started this post with practical and fun tips on peeling potatoes, daily life. We bind this together with prayer for you. And we finish with hope, faith and love for you. For those of you still here,I am glad you are here. Life does go on.

God bless you!

And for your information:

Regarding Ashes to Beauty paintings:

Hi Shelley.
If anyone ever asks, this “diptych” (set of two paintings) is available via giclee copies. I’ve made two sets so far. They look very much like the originals. Just FYI. They are $225 for the set unframed on canvas.
Thank you for sharing hope and love and Christ.
Much love,

And just so you all know where I come from…I have spent 3-5 years feeling and representing the left/ashes side of the paintings. And am now coming into the right/beauty side once again. When you are growing up from ashes, every beautiful shoot of you seems better than before the ashes.   Love you all!



  1. love the lizard pic.

    • Me, too Daniel. I wish I knew who took that one. Amazing!

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