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A Poem to Aurora, Colorado (and all who survive tragedy/trauma) by Joni Ames

  • Just wrote this re: Colorado tragedy:

    Only God
    By Joni Ames

    No one really understands
    Why such bad things occur
    That it can make our world stand still
    And cause all hearts to stir

    How can one think unthinkable
    And even deadly deeds
    That frighten even stony hearts
    And bring all to our knees?

    When such things happen only God
    Can help turn things around
    To bring forth sense in senseless times
    And cause peace to abound

    For He’s the lifter of our heads
    Just He knows how to see
    To make a message from a mess
    And bring forth victory

    So place your hand inside of His
    And your head on His chest
    Then take a breath & breathe in life
    From He who knows you best

    Remember He’s your hiding place
    Your cleft inside the rock
    When you go there all else will fade
    As He controls the clock

    For time and life and even death
    Must bow on bended knee
    To Him who made us all from dust
    Whose love can set us free

    So quickly run now to His arms
    Yes heed Your Maker’s call
    Rest safely on the Father’s lap
    And let Him heal it all

    You’re safe inside His loving care
    Protected by His Hand
    As He restores new life and hope
    So you once more can stand!

    – Joni Ames
    Joni Ames
    P.O. Box 99
    Elkview, WV 25071



  1. The Joke
    What evil crept in and shouting now is the time, the moment is prime.
    What dark blocks the horror of this act from those eyes? What unperceived lies?
    Prepare friends, we will never know, if inside or outside bade his sanity go.
    But the soul light had fled from the eyes on the screen. See what I mean?
    When we see those broken lights among us then what? Let them rot?
    Till the dam breaks away and out comes hell. Good intent full sail.
    Could a few kind words turn him away, from the death dealt today?
    I know he’s is no Joker of old, just broken and bold.
    Now standing in the dawn of a new day, See a better way.
    What is the price of being a friend?
    Does one without others meet this end?
    What comfort can anyone lend?
    Here be the message we need send.
    From comfort of friendship most of us be.
    With family and friend to comfort we.
    When waters of life cast you to sea,
    We let family and friend be a buoy to thee.
    Be the friend others deserve, love others and life without reserve.
    Be a force of light for all, prevent another tragic fall.
    The love you receive you must often repay.
    Would he have loaded the guns if love met him that day?


  2. Beautiufl poem, thank you for sharing! <3

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