Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 24, 2012

Olympics (and Craft Olympics) Just 4 Days Away!

Hello, my friends!

Do any of you have any special food you make to enjoy during Olympics? Any gatherings? Something yummy to share? Good recipes? That is artsy and craftsy, too you know!

Do you have any special traditions? Oh, I hope so! I would so love to hear about them!

I looked at my count-down calendar on my blog and realized it is only 4 days until Craft Olympics start!


Don’t these paints look soooo fun?  And the easy recipe is right here!

I thought I would share something quick, easy, inexpensive and family-friendly in case you need something light for your projects.

Have any of you lovelies figured out what you will be working on as you enjoy the Olympics this year?

I have still not pinned down exactly what I am doing, but I do have a list and am narrowing it down.

I also purchased a set of 12 Sharpie fine point markers of various gorgeous colors, and hope to doodle a bit, and perhaps make a journal or cards or something fun. I haven’t worked with any actual drawing, or color for way too many years.

One woman among my facebook friends is really into Scrapbooking. She was asking if people wanted to make cards and find out how to send them to the victims of  the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.  I thought, what a lovely idea!

There is so much fun and creativity to be had with scrapbooking, and different things to help you be sensational if you feel too afraid to draw your own designs.

Image from:

Are there any of you who are thinking of blessing others with your crafts, art and skill?

My sister-in-love’s sister, (Tawny Conner Cleveland) makes quilts of valor for the veterans in the USA.

What do those of you in other countries do? Do you have groups or charities that you make things for?

Are you working on projects already that you can use this time to “step up the pace” and commitment on?

I would love to hear your ideas, plans and projects. I really would. I so enjoy the pictures and posts creative people share with us. It brightens my life immensely.

God bless each of you as you look forward to the 2012 Olympics, and how you will enjoy them!


  1. Such great ideas! So many choices…what to do, what to do…………….squirrel! hwhw!

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