Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 26, 2012

Find the Simple Joys … Guest post by Diana Boehnke, aka: Binkysbaubles

Today, as I was thinking on what to blog, the day before Olympics and Craft Olympics, I read my sister’s blog. I realized it is perfect! It is about true happiness and joy. And we sure can use a good dose of that, can’t we?  And crafting/arts should be FUN! Make sure it is, okay? No pressure.

The adorable kids below are my great nephews and nieces. Aren’t they awesome?

Here’s Binkysbaubles…

I am wondering…what makes you happy? I mean…really, really happy? I’m talking deep belly laughing out loud, can’t stop grinning happy? Has it been awhile, or do you even remember that joy…I just have to ask.

Earlier this evening I stepped out our front door and “beeped” my car unlocked. (I was going to pick up pizza…don’t judge me, it’s hot & I didn’t want to cook!…squirrel!) As I walked to the carport, I heard the sound of children laughing. I glanced quickly into our neighbor’s yard…and I saw genuine happiness, the simple joy of children playing in water. It is a simple cameo of childlike pleasure that comes with squirting your sister with the garden hose…lol! I have to laugh just remembering the scene. :)

Our 5 yr old neighbor (maybe he’s 6 by now), Micah with the long, curly hair, was squirting his slighlty older sister with the hose. She was defending herself by holding her towel as protection…I’m sure this was the towel with which she was supposed to be drying herself. Micah’s shoulders were covered with his drenched towel, and both kids were laughing hysterically! It struck me, in that quick glance into the neighbor’s yard, that I was looking at sheer, simple joy…and that started my inner, reflective wheels turning.

Disneyland is touted as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. However I believe that, if there is true happiness to be found there; it is in memories being forged in families just being together. I mean…c’mon! Just to get in will cost a family of 4 more than $300…and then you have overpriced food, drinks, goodies, and of course the souvenirs which will be lost or broken by the end of the day…Well, you’re looking at a conservative estimate of $500 for the day. Not knocking Disneyland, I have been there a few times myself. But the happiness came from who I was with, and being able to share the experience with them.

What makes you happy…what are your simple joys? Is it just big, expensive toys? I wish to challenge you to look at life through the eyes of a child. Sure, they like their expensive toys, too…but for how long? Just until that toy breaks, or gets lost. In retrospect, I’ve seen the happiest of faces on children enjoying the simplest things…….finger-painting,

digging in the dirt    ,

the bliss of licking the beaters,              and of course…playing with the garden hose.       

Last but not least…family time!                 

My little neighbors could have been inside watching a movie, playing video games or even “wii-ing”…and I’m sure they do enjoy those activities. But today they were outside in the heat, with a garden hose & drenched towels…and the joy on their faces & in their laughter brought joy to my heart.

I encourage you again…find your simple joys and enhance the quality of your life!

(As believers, we know that real joy is found in the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ…but that will be in my next post!)

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