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Olympics and Craft Olympics One Day Away!

Lovely yarn-bombed fence is like a mural.

There are a few yarn-bombed projects that I really like…a lot! Some projects are real works of art. Some are just creative and sweet. I have to say that I really loved seeing the one above. It looks like a mural and transforms the ugly, plain fencing into loveliness. It looks to me like a community or group experience. Very do-able, don’t you think?

recipe for cookie for one

And for bakers, parents, sugar junkies…hehe! I thought this post of a simple, personal-sized cookie in a ramekin or mug was a great idea! For Olympics, you could get creative and change it up to whatever you want it to be. I am thinking my sister-in-love, Halogirl1 could try brownies in it. Mmmm. She is a deep, rich-chocolate loving girl.

You see, there are many single people in my life, and many who live with people on special-need diets. I think single serve is a great idea. You can still have what you love, or serve what they love, without having too much of it. Still bake or cook, still create, adjust, change-up and be artsy and have fun!

My sweet husband would love oatmeal cookies like this. But then, he would want a full batch! haha!

Knitted fence and lovely yard.

How huge a project this must have been! This woman, Anne Eunson in Hamnavoe, Burra Isle, knitted this Shetland lace pattern with string using curtain poles.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to knit with such large poles and string? What a lovely garden fence, and so perfect a fence for this lovely garden.

Honestly, I love this little garden spot.

And I began to think…

Those of you who garden, could use this Craft Olympic time to do what you have been wanting to do in your yards, gardens, sheds, fencing, whatever you love to do while it is summer!

Some people have been converting outdoor sheds into creative spaces for their businesses, sewing, crochet, paper craft and all sorts of ideas. Some of the sheds are converted to have power and lighting, and are adorably decorated as well as having practical space use.

Some people would love to re-decorate or decorate a room in their home.

For myself, the knit fence project would be just too much to accomplish in the two weeks, even if it were crochet, but some of you are up to such a project. Do you find it to be something you would be interested in doing for yourself?

I was just thinking about the whole Craft Olympics being what people usually do to knit an entire afghan or piece of clothing, and how hard a person would push through to get that done. The reason I started our own was to keep it simple and fun! But to still motivate us to actually work on something and get it done by the end of Olympics, something we may have put off.

The Olympic athletes are just that…athletes. Real ones! You know, push through the pain, rise before daylight, and work hard, nurse bruises and injuries and push harder. That is the thought of Olympics, these athletes who are above the pain or excuses.

For the average person, daily life is a lot to deal with already, and partners, children, friends and family may not appreciate your dedication to your craft during this two week time. So, do it your way! Push through what you wouldn’t normally do, or just determine to do something! Do something new just for fun, or just do stuff you want to finish. It’s your event! Make it what you want or need it to be. But whatever you do, have a great time! Shoot for sheer joy! I am.

I am still looking at trying watercolor paints. I haven’t really done them, except one evening with my mother-in-love right before she died. She died when my pic was half done or less. I am thinking I may take this time to mat it and hang it as is, to remember our time together. This was suggested to me by a wise friend. She was an art instructor’s art instructor. She taught university art instructor classes. She was amazing. Full of life, energy and fun.

And for you men (and fisherwomen), I know my brother, Myke always wanted to learn to tie fly-fishing flies at a professional level and sell them. (Myke is the one with kidney failure. He’s in the orange shirt below.)

If your life’s a puddle, fish it with those you love!

There are artsy things for anyone who wants to do something. I say, if you want to do it, then give it a try! Just do it!

God never meant for life to be drudgery, or nothing but hard labor. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10

But whatever you do, enjoy yourself immensely and have fun until you find yourself smiling all the time!


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