Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 27, 2012

London 2012 Olympics – Schedule, Results, Medals, Tickets, Venues


Glorious! The Flame is travelling down the Thames on board the Royal barge Gloriana en route to the Olympic Stadium. How do you think the Cauldron will be lit in tonight’s Opening Ceremony?


Diana!!! You will get this….The FLAME is IN the BOAT!!!! Glorious!


Hi, all you Olympic-lovers out here in blogland!


KLOVE mornings informed us of a few things this morning that are great to know!

Above is a link to a chat with an Olympics Chaplain.


Below is the site to keep up with everything Olympics.

My favorite part is the page that has little squares representing different events they will have. You can click on the square/box and it takes you to the schedule for both male and female of each event.

Isn’t that awesome?!

We don’t have to miss the events we favor because we didn’t know when it was to be.

Now, we can mark it down, and watch it at the time, or record it and catch up with it when we can.


London 2012 Olympics – Schedule, Results, Medals, Tickets, Venues.


And, the morning inspiration on the site at the top of their page was shared with us, too!


Such a good Scripture verse to meditate on today. Life can get so hard or just plain dull sometimes. Sometimes it is good but we can get too weary to know it. It is good to think on a truth that is able to bring us up and help us look forward, isn’t it?

This verse just made me sigh with relief and smile.

Enjoy your life today!

God loves you! Forever! What could be more positive and encouraging than this?

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