Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 28, 2012

Craft Olympics: 1st and 2nd attempts to sketch a toddler face.

Okay, this is tough, but I am going to share my first sketches with whomever would like to see what I am doing for Craft Olympics at the moment.

I found some (very) old (1971 or so) pencils and actually found sketch pad paper! woot-woot!

Umm. Problematic…erasers are just as old as the pencil, and I don’t have a good pencil sharpener, so after ruining my pencils, I used a knife. Erasers looked better than they were, so I ruined the right side of the first sketch.

I am posting anyway. Having fun, right? Not perfection. Soooo hard, but …somehow liberating!



First attempt got ruined.


I have never sketched people, nor had any training. Not even in school. They saw some talent and left me to do what I wanted. And now this is what we have.  (laughing)

I am open to any tips and hints from those of you who actually know something about sketching faces. I am trying to do small child/toddler, who has sleepy, droopy eyes. Definitely didn’t get it this time. Hoping to learn how to get the eyes and mouth right. And for her to not look so much like a woman.

Any pointers?

Here we go….


2nd effort. How to get droopy, sleepy eyes? hmmm


And then I played  a bit with her hair, hoping it would help. I am thinking I need to do something different with hair to give youthful image? Perhaps?


3rd attempt to get a child look. A little hair change.


Well, thus ends my first night of Craft Olympics. There is no question that whatever your personal Olympic event would be, some training and experience are definitely in order. (Big Smile!)

But, the Olympic feat I have just accomplished and won the gold on?….drum roll, please….bum pum pum!

I allowed something so far from alright to be seen, and I am sharing my work in progress. And, I can let it stand once I get eyes right and move on to the bed, and the room! yay!

And guess what?!?

I am having great fun with this! And, with sharing it with you. Thanks for stopping by to see her!

God bless you, my Olympic buddies.

Good night.


  1. You are gifted! Maybe go to the library and check out some sketching books. ;)

  2. You still got it, sista!

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