Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 28, 2012

Hmmmm. Things I never thought about…

This evening, as the Olympic Grand Opening is still showing, they are showing a segment honoring the contributions of the UK to literature, and children’s literature.

I had never really paid attention to how many of the greatest-known  children’s characters and stories come from the UK!!!

What a contribution to all of society and the whole world.

I want to say thank-you for that contribution, though I am not real keen on some of these characters! Ha-ha!

I still cannot watch any form of Cruella Deville (feminine form of cruel devil). I just never could, and don’t know if I ever can. I couldn’t take her in story form from books, or in animated form in movies. shudder! Just can’t do it. Sorry.

Hmmm. What was the baby in water? Interesting.

Thanks to Mary Poppins for getting rid of that 100 foot evil character. ugh!


What are you enjoying or being caused to go hmmmm about?

Oh, wow! As I was posting this, the following quote showed up on my page:

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.  Marsha Norman

With some of my dreams, I hope not

Hahaha! Hilarious spot of chariots of fire tune. Very well done! Bravo!


  1. There are things I’ve really enjoyed…loved the historical aspects, James Bond & the Queen jumping from the helicopter! Lol! And Winston Churchill’s statue waving…but it’s starting to drag now.

    But I always get like this during the opening ceremonies. I get tired of it after awhile…let the games begin!

    • Exactly! I switched over to bones for a bit, so Gene could keep his sanity and I would stay up with my sickie tummy and not go to bed. sigh!
      Back to watching flags of nations now. Aglow tops it all with flags of the nations parade! woo-hoo!

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