Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 29, 2012

Craft Olympic Trials … and tribulations.

Innocence Lost


A dear friend of mine, Diane @ suggested that, rather than adding to a post, I should do a new post so people don’t have to wade through what they’ve already seen and get confused at that.


So, here are the rest of this evening’s efforts, or…my craft Olympic trials.

As you will see, it was also tribulations. hehe!


I really want a little baby-faced child and am not quite getting it. Some softer lines are in order, and I need a lighter pencil as I apparently have a heavy hand!

But, I am having a blast! I really am!

I confess to getting as irked as ever when what turns out is not what is in my head, or my expectations. However, I am handling that and still enjoying myself. I am still sharing, too which is a miracle in itself.


Not sure where this came from, but I like her!


So not in my goals or objectives, but I do like her face…or should I say features, as that is all I have done of her.

I am probably taking a break on sketching for the rest of the night, I have been quite ill and couldn’t even get out today. I am tiring easily.

But, I have a bed and bedroom to figure out, and …Monsters!!!! Yes, folks, this is a scene of a little girl nearly asleep in her bed, and monsters waiting in the walls, etc for her to get to sleep. Fun times!

My sister is FINALLY writing her short story, after years of her baby sister nagging her to do it. I am illustrating…or at least I am sure gonna try!

Oh, surprise!!!!

On a visit with her son’s family today, my sister mentioned that she is writing the story and I am illustrating. Her granddarlings piped up and one is writing a story and one is illustrating for her! It gave me chills and goosebumps when I learned that tonight. I am so happy these two are getting around to it in their youth, and not waiting to be middle-aged first. ahem! cough! cough! smile!

Hope you are having a lot of fun!



  1. Get some rest! You are doing an awesome job, don’t let it drain you! I pray the story will live up to your illustrations…this is a “God-thing”!

  2. Thx For the separate posts!

  3. Your sketches are wonderful. That’s so exciting about you illustrating your sister’s book! Maggie xx

  4. Very good. I haven’t done anything yet as I have to get my house in order for company.

    • Who’s coming?

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