Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 29, 2012

Day 2 of sketching for Craft Olympics, will edit as I have images to add

face features, first attempt at improvement


Are any of you working on crafts or art projects for Olympics? Please do share with us. You can leave links to your work in our comments here, if you like.

Okay, so not going as I want it to. But, this is my next effort on improving lips and droopy/sleepy eyes.

Looks more like looking down, so it is closer! haha!

I am glad I figured that out, at least. It will come in handy. I like the lips better, but they need work, too.

And how about this nose, hmm? hehe! I just put something in there to gap between eye and nose, but … oh, brother! ha!

I will edit this post when I try another sketch. Still going for close to toddler look.

I am going to try features, and bits of the room, then start putting things together as I like them.

What do you think? Is that a good plan, or a bad plan?

I love this quote by one of my favorite men-I-have-never-met on earth.

“God is not ashamed or angry with us. He is planning BRILLIANT things for the deficient parts of our lives. Make no mistake here. When God puts His finger on a part of our life that is not working, He is joyfully pointing at the site of our next miracle!”
Thanks, Graham. It is perfect for all of us brushing off the dust and rust and seeing where we are!


  1. Don’t edit your posts! Just make new ones with the new sketches. That way your progress is easily tracked and for us readers it gets really confusing when posts are edited because we have to decipher what’s new and what already was. Does that make sense?

    Your eyes are better but I loved the first lips!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Diane.
      I had a comment that lips were too full. I love full baby lips, so tried for a half way point.
      Yes, makes sense. I am just adding to, not messing into middle of post.
      I am considering your advice. You have been around blogland way longer and more faithfully than I have.

  2. ShelleyJo, Graham Cooke is one of my favorite faith-thinker-doers!!! One of my small groups worked through two of his books last winter. I love his perspectives! His teaching makes my mind do happy jumping jacks =)

    You are so brave to sketch the human form. Bravo, and thanks for inspiring me to learn and grow and share.
    Hugs from Gracie <3

    • Thanks, Gracie!

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