Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 30, 2012

Day 3 of sketches

Day 3 sketch, like this one better.
Work in progress, not finished.

She isn’t finished, but I like her best, already.

This time, I had gone out after 9 p.m. to take my sweet husband on an errand, and as I waited for him, I sat and sketched this real quickly. I think I do better away from home.

My sister, Diana @ is the one who is writing the story I am going to try to illustrate. She is favoring the last one, the one I captioned innocence lost. It goes with our story.

For me, I always tend to want sweetness, no matter the story. hehe!

Honestly, this one started so funny! I sketched her pretty quickly and took a picture with my cell phone. I looked at it and realized her fat face and curl looked like baby Budha! I laughed and brought those cherub cheeks in quite a bit. I need to give her hair, but he was coming out to the car and I would have to move from under the light, so I sketched in a curl in her forehead and left her as is for now. haha!

This whole project gives me some good belly laughs. And, a deep appreciation for education and knowledge of what to do and how to do it. I obviously haven’t had any of that with art, but I do so enjoy it, even so.

This is a real Olympic trial for me, as I haven’t sketched in over 15 years, and then only did hands, bowls and water pouring out. And that was a first for me, then. With this story, I will be sketching a bit of a bedroom, which I have never done in perspective, and monsters lurking, waiting for the waif to fall completely asleep. Never put my monsters to paper before…or any, actually.

When I write my story, I will not only be doing a young lady, but also camels! I have not done animals much, and not well. Plus, settings of a village, so this should get interesting. I am definitely challenging myself.

How about you? Are you challenging yourself? Are you having any fun yet?

I was very ill all night, and today, and slept all afternoon, very deeply with bizarre dreams. So in all honesty, haven’t done much of anything today. Just the errand, dinner and the sketch. Nothing like a lazy life during Olympics, huh?

I have watched some of the events, and my heart aches for some of the athletes,  to be so near and yet not make it! How rough that must be. How heartbreaking! But I will say, no one who manages to get to the Olympics is a loser. Just getting there is an amazing feat! And to stand on the winner stand at all is astounding! Getting a bronze or silver… nothing to be sad about. You are winners! And my heart is with you! God bless you amazing young people. You are awesome!


  1. This one looks much younger. Great job!

    • Thanks, Diane.
      I think, as is usual for me, I was overworking things.
      When I was sitting in the car for just a few minutes, I just did this. I figured I would see what I could pull up in a few. Not done, of course, and Diana prefers the last one, so….

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