Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 31, 2012

Adventures in beverage-land.

Hello, my lovelies!

How are you coming along? Any of you participating in Craft Olympics? Are you coming along in your projects or plans?

I was having a feeling it was a night to take a break from the art and blogland. I have been more ill than is usual, and was having a somewhat better evening/early night than I have for a while, so I wondered why I felt the need to take a break.

[I will add here that I went to bed at 4:44 this morning, which is early for me. And just before I went to bed, my blood sugar was 444! Then I remembered that I had waited to take my insulin because I inflame where I inject, get swollen there, get a rash that makes my skin burn like fire and get nauseous. This is with every injection. Reactions can last a month, so I move it around. I was whining off until morning. I am thinking the high numbers are what caused my fatigue and “stupid’ mode tonight. It is way past a dull-headed thing, trust me.

(An added note is that I regularly have repeat numbers, which started a couple of decades ago, and started with 444, for a full year I would see 444 everywhere. It finally rotated to other numbers, some more often that others. But this is the first time that it came from my blood sugar reading so it is noteworthy.)

Do you ever see repeat numbers more than once in a day?]

I sat on the sofa to turn on my laptop and my art supply drawer took a tumble from the sofa to the floor. I told my sweet husband to leave it for me, as there are tiny items, like calligraphy pen tips in there. (He is legally blind and I don’t want him jabbing himself on anything.)

I grabbed my car keys and said, let’s do a kid burger out. We drove through a fast food drive up, got chicken nuggets and a soda and took a ride through the area with the car windows down. Wind blowing through my hair, I felt so much better. It is very muggy and humid today. The air feels heavy and hard to breathe. But in the car, it is cooler and like a breath of fresh air. We talked of changes in town that we haven’t discovered yet, and decided on a cooler morning to take walks through our town and see what has changed.

I brought him home, as it was after 10 p.m. by this time. I chatted with him until he went to bed. Then I logged online to see what I could do.

As I sat here, checking on my facebook friends and browsing a few links, I realized that I was very fatigued, though I don’t feel I have a reason to be.

So, I logged offline, and walked a bit. I came back to the sofa and just played a few hands of Spider Solitaire on my laptop, offline.

And the story goes on…

I was sitting here, minding my own business when all of a sudden, my fresh glass of iced water (with lovely ice cubes, my favorite!) lept to the right! All on it’s own, it just took a flying leap, and landed with a huge splash right in front of the drawer of art supplies that was on the floor!


So, I grab a couple of dry dishcloths  (knit cotton ones) and dabbed up water, scooped up ice and realized that, somehow, only a tiny splash of water had splattered on the page of my last baby face sketch. phew!

I dabbed up the drawer, and all was good. I left the dishcloth on the carpet to soak up what it may.

I turned to take the ice into the sink, and suddenly the iced juice/sprite spritzer I’d made in a fast food cup decided to join the water glass!


I was no where near it! I watched in amazement as my fast food cup hurled itself, to the right of course, and landed a bit closer to the art supply drawer! What the neck?!?

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a couple more of the adorable dishcloths. When I got to the drawer, where my art tablets and such are stored, it was full of ice in the corner! Really?

I scooped out the ice, laughing all the way through, dried what could be dried, moistened the area with a wet dishcloth to, hopefully, cut down on stickiness. Heavy sigh!

I left a clean, dry dishcloth on the carpet again (the first one was saturated and I am thankful I had left it there).

I, being the wise one that I am, am not to be deterred from my nightly iced water! I went into the kitchen, got ice from our freezer and a clean (plastic) glass and came back to the laptop. Iced water sitting at my side, and refreshing me often, I decided to write a blog.

But, at this time, my art tablet of freaky-looking baby creatures is drying, so no sketching tonight.

I am happy to report that my erasers escaped the freakish soaking, as did my cell phone, my Zune mp3 player, and my pencils. The tablets, we will have to see. But if need be, I will beg a loved one for some cash and get another. I think the back half of the paper has been saved. yay!

None of these falling objects tonight were in a precarious position, so this has just been an entertaining evening! I really am laughing, as I had been pretty sure I was to take tonight off from art and just do a bit of gaming on my laptop, clean a few things that bug me and are out of place and relax.

Now I know. I am not sketching tonight.

Hope you are having fun and able to laugh through your day, dear ones.

Until next time.  Peace! Peace!


  1. Dude!
    It is definitely not a night to try holding a sharpened object like a pencil! lol!
    I picked up my water glass one more time, and it slipped out of my hand, landing in the exact same place! Thankfully, I had drank more than half, so all of my supplies are fine. My carpet is nice and wet to prep for shampooing carpet tomorrow. lol!
    I did clear things and declutter and oh, my! It is sooo much nicer in here! My sweetheart will be amazed.
    Sitting here with yet one more glass of ice and water to the top. I will have my iced water tonight!
    Where on earth do people get the idea that I am stubborn???
    Who’d think?

  2. I don’t think my morning blood sugars of 444 is helping how I am functioning and feeling tonight. I cleared a lot of stuff from the living room and brought a bit of order to the spare room. As I was finishing in living room, I heard a crash my downstairs neighbor would love at this hour! I went in and boxes fell from a solid shelf! All over the area I just cleared. I decided tonight is not a good night to keep cleaning. lmbo! I would blame my neuropathy flare up in my hands for the glass slipping, but the boxes in another room? On a metal rack type of shelf? Really?

    I have decided that perhaps my word for tonight, at 2:46 a.m is…. STOP!
    What do you think?

  3. Sista, sista! You definitely had a time last night, I should have stayed up with you! lol!

    The only reason I am up now is that I am waiting on the Micah-man! Have a calm and restful day, I will be checking in on you.

    Love you mostest!

    • No, definitely a night to not stay up with me. lol!
      thank God Gene was shampooing carpet today, anyway. He pulled up the old mocha spills under his recliner, and the grape juice spritzer of mine. sigh! dark waters. hwhw!
      He kindly begged for my juice, and I said, “Take it!”. hwhw!

  4. I have seen things leap of and braak too dont understand it but oh well! IU was drawing at my craft olipics but not having fun so i am doing something eslse i think beading. I need to enjoy my self. I have been dealing with no aircondonair and no power but as of yesterday i have both and the election is going to replace power box for free cuse it is the parks good
    1 should be in the next few days. so all is well for me just in time for hot weather! God is good! danette

    • I was so glad you left me the message you had your power on. It is good it was just for that one night.
      Not having fun drawing? I am sad to hear that! Glad you realized it, though and moved on to beading.
      You always love your beading!
      Text me pictures of your drawing and beading when you are ready and I will post them!

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