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Did you see what is in the Olympics???

Women of the Olympic Australian Synchronised Swimming team in crochet swimsuits. Sexy!

And this just shows how much Crochet (and knitting) is not just for our great-grandmas, folks!

Not only is this outright sexy looking, yet proper enough for the Olympics, it is also a very lucrative business as well.

These swim suits can be ordered for …wait for it … $92.00 plus tax, plus shipping and handling. Now here is one business person who knows that the art of needlework is valuable.

You can purchase it here:

Or, you can be like so many women and men around the world and make your own.

This season has been an amazing one for posts of crochet and knit swim wear, and Greece and France seem to lead the way. At least, from the posts I have seen. Patterns are available, some for free, and some for sale. But most of the ones that are so lovely were designed by women or men who knew what they wanted and just worked until they had made it right.

There have also been a sensational amount of swimsuit cover-ups and crochet pants seen about. They are quite stylish, too.

Are you a designer?

If you start with patterns or instruction, then make a few changes along the way to suit your own needs or desires, you are a designer.

If you are someone who sees or thinks up what you want and then just sets about to making it, with notes, sketches, yarns or threads and just do it, then you are a designer.

The same goes for sewing, writing and paper craft of course. Many people design on a regular basis in their practical lives and don’t give it a second thought. Some people design stories as they make them up and tell their children at bed time.  The thing is, whether or not the world recognizes you as a designer, you are one! And that, my dear friends is amazing!

It is just as amazing as any Gold medal winner we are seeing in this year’s Olympic events. It truly is!

Don’t sell yourself short, as I am prone to do in many ways.

I am setting myself toward recognizing and speaking what is good and worthy in myself and what I do.

I recognize that I don’t do anything nearly as sensational as so many I see in blogland, but it is still something worthwhile, and it is time to honor that.

I am hoping you set yourself to the same goal: Honor your abilities in the truth of what they are, no matter the level you think you are. Whether your craft is writing, painting, wood work, photography, music, or even science experiments, call yourself what you are. Name it.

Say it out loud. I am a ____________________________.

Don’t compare yourself or your accomplishments to others, unless you really are in a competition.

To say you are a crafter somehow loses it’s oomph in the USA. It just doesn’t hold the respect that being a “true” artist holds. However, I disagree. I have a list of websites I frequent on the right side of my blog, under the title blogroll.

I also click on links on the blogroll of these people, and then of those people. I do this because I find the most amazing things that people are doing, and inventing, designing, writing, gardening, creating. It is just outstanding what the “average” citizen of “average” countries are doing! Phenominal!

And I give you kudos. Bravo! to each of you designers, crafters, creators, writers, artists of various sorts, inventors and skilled workmen. Thank you so much for sharing your genius and gift with us.

We learn from you. We are amazed with you. We are added to by you. We add to each other and lift each other up higher than we would go without each other.

Whether or not your works and creations are generating money on great or small levels, are given away or kept by yourselves, they are still amazing works. I applaud you.

Please visit the links on my blogroll. If you haven’t visited these sights, prepare to be amazed.

Keep on creating! And realize that nothing is too small or insignificant.

Every good thing added into this world is a gift.

Don’t forget who you are!


  1. nice lol

  2. This was so encouraging…thank you! (And loved the swimsuits!)

    • hehe! Just say no to Derf reading this!

  3. The girls look nice wearing the crochet bathing suits. Which means that Crochet is not only to embellish home furnitures, as it used to be. It can be fashionably designed either for swimming, or for displaying in the beach, for any other occasion as well. I Love the design.

  4. What’s a blogroll?

    • The blogroll is found on the right sidebar. It is a list (roll) of the links of the blogs I enjoy and read most often. With most blog companies, you can go into your settings and add links to blogs you want easy access to. Just click that link when on your page, and it will take you to it. Also, others can click the links and go to them from your page.

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