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Olympic Eats, Olympic Love

Okay, folks..

Have I learned a good thing for us, food wise this afternoon.

I had to stay awake this morning because my sweet husband had his dental procedures today. I am his driver.

2 root extractions and 2 teeth extractions later, my sweetheart comes out an hour and a half later. Poor baby! He looked so pathetic with his gauze-stuffed cheek.

We went to his pharmacy, and it was closed for lunch…a very late lunch! So we shopped for a few things, like easy-to-eat soup for dinner. I picked up saltene crackers for him to soak in his soup and help to fill him up. I grabbed a little mesh bag of little bitty avocados for a good price, and a couple of tomatoes for bacon sandwiches later this week, artichokes, turkey breast meat for soft sandwiches (I will cut the crusts off for him.), and some pumpkin seeds for me. I love to snack on them if my tummy doesn’t want real food.

Then, I breezed down the juice isle, and picked up 2 large bottles of juices, since I don’t think soft drinks will be good for those raw gums. He asked for peach juice, but I could only find white cranberry peach, which is really good, by the way. He is happy. I also replaced grape juice (the stuff we shampooed out of the carpet yesterday, sigh!).

Normally, I don’t buy sausage, but he loves it. I looked at the pattied sausage and thought it might cook up softer than ground beef later this week, so I got him the maple syrup flavored. He brightened right up!! I do love to spoil him.

After that, his pharmacy was open, we picked up his medication and went to my pharmacy. There was a delay at mine, too today. Just one of those hurry up and wait sort of days.

After we got what we needed taken care of, we went home, hauled the groceries up the stairs and I felt sort of weak and was in a cold sweat. It is a very hot day here,  over 100 degrees, so the cold part of the sweat wasn’t alright.

I realized, at nearly 3 p.m., that I hadn’t eaten anything today, nor drank fluids and had not slept yet. I was getting shaky and weak and suddenly got a brain on.

Time to eat!

I cut open the mesh bag with my avocados in it (love those!) and took out an avocado. Then another one escaped the bag’s little opening and hit the floor! It hadn’t been the softest, but the firmest of the 4, but when I went to pick it up, it was soooo soft! It was completely intact, thank God! Enough messes for one week.

So, I put back the one that was now the second softest, and cut the one that hit the floor. It was P-E-R-F-E-CT-!

Honestly, the most perfect texture and smoothness I have had in an avocado at home. I scooped it out with a spoon and just sectioned it slightly. It nearly mashed itself.

I took about  6 or 8 of the yummy chips I had purchased (Tostitos Artisan recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean tortilla chips) and had myself the perfect lunch for a hot day. If I wasn’t saving the tomatoes for bacon sandwiches for my sweet husband, I would have added some to the avocado. It would have been the only thing that could have improved on it.

So, for all of you Olympic watchers, Craft Olympians, Ravelympic artisans and partyers, try dropping your next avocado before you cut it. Don’t throw it, mind you. Just drop it from standing height and make sure it isn’t open anywhere first, okay?


Olympic tip for today:

Drop your avocado before cutting it for perfect texture; not too firm, not too mushy. (Mind you, your produce person would not like to hear this! Ha-ha!)

I highly recommend fresh tomato, and if you like onion, sweet red onion chopped into your avocado, with a little lime juice. If you are eating chips or other salty food, no need to add seasoning. (I don’t anyway.) If you like heat, a pepper or a dash of hot sauce.

(I don’t mash avocado up like the picture at the top, but I do love that. I just cut the avocado in half, twist open, remove pit, make slices down, and slices across, then scoop out of skin into dish. voila!)

I also recommend making a spritzer out of Sprite or Sierra Mist (lemon-lime type soda) and juice. I prefer cranberry or grape juice, but the peach is very nice.

Anyway, a nice, quick, easy and very yummy snack for a group, or lunch for you!

For crafts, St. D is crocheting more pillows and doing some things she hasn’t done before with it, my sister, Diana @ is now writing her short story, and it is really very good already. The first sentence draws you right in and keeps you, the end of what she has done so far leaves you wanting more. Very well written! Diane @ is sewing a lining and cover for a basket she stores her sunglasses in, and her mom, Linda @ will be sewing some blankets when she gets her home ready for company.

But for now, those two are fixing a huge turkey dinner for some neighbors who are in need of food. They had the turkey in their freezer, and decided to cook it for them, and have even baked a fresh apple pie to go with it all. Now that is loving your neighbors in an Olympic level, don’t you think?

Now you are all on your own!



  1. Now you’ve made me want avocados and chips! Neither of which I have in the house, by the way!

    Can’t wait to see what everyone has accomplished by the end of the Olympics! :)

  2. i want avacados now lost poswer at my place from 4am this morning barded the cat at vet aND ENET TO VARIOUS RESTERANTS AND SHOW TOO TO KEEP COOL. WHEN i CAME BACK FROM DENNEYS JUST NOW THE AIR CON IS ON ALL POWER RESTORED. Nice and cool1 yes working on pillows want to do something ai like to do!

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