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Olympics, Polka Dot Cake and a Give-a-Way!

I have so enjoyed watching the artistic Gymnastics and the swimming events this year. The added bonus is that some of our USA team members are doing extraordinarily well. But, even without that perk, it has been very exciting and enlightening to watch.

And let’s not forget Michael Phelps, who has won a total of 22 Olympic medals, 18 of them Gold in his Olympic swimming career. Wow! So amazing!

I have never actually watched much of the Olympic events before, and then only for one particular event once and then going to work.

What I learned this year that is good information to understand: When an athlete or country wants to challenge a decision of the judges, it can look pretty bad to the viewer who doesn’t know how it works.

Much thanks to the commentators this year who were so informative!

First, the athlete who challenges his score gets cash money and takes it to the judges table. They pay the required fee to the judges and fill out an application for review of the footage in question.

What is good to know is that if the athlete challenging the judgement is right, they get the cash/money back. If they are wrong and the judges stand on their decision, then they keep the money for their extra effort and time.

This makes more sense to me now, and I am glad that if the points are ruled in favor of the athlete, the judges don’t keep the money. It is not a pay-off.

I am most amazed at the very young and amazing athletes that are competing this year. One of the USA’s swimmers is 15, and won a medal! Amazing! And the good attitudes just warm my heart. I have seen footage of one lovely young lady who states that the thing that is harder than training for the Olympics, is saving herself for marriage. I imagine that as a beautiful young athlete, it may be even harder than for some of us, what with opportunity.

These young people are standing strong for what they believe. They have integrity and character, good attitudes and radiant smiles. I am so proud of all of you, from every nation I have seen. Congratulations to each and every one of you who maintain your character and integrity, and give your sport your all. You lift my spirits.

And now, for Olympic level dessert.

This evening a dear friend of mine, Elizabeth Robertson,  posted on facebook a link to a tutorial for making the polka dot cake. I love it!

The link is:

And, not only is the tutorial written with excellence, it is full of pictures so you can see what to expect. I love the way she writes, her candor and sense of humor. I really enjoyed her blog, and am going to put a link to it on my blogroll!

Now I must share with you the pleasant surprise I had in reading this post.

Toward the bottom of the post linked above, there is a link to another blog that she praises for being awesome with special cakes;

As you read the page linked above, you will find great tips on layer cakes, and after that…. an awesome give-a-way!

If you read the rules and qualify, you just leave a comment on that blog post about whether or not you have baked a layer cake. That’s it!

And, the items you can get are awesome!

Go and check it out!!!

How about this for Craft Olympics? And for eats for Olympic parties and celebrations, too!


  1. As usual, Sister mine, you are a veritable fount of information regarding all things Olympic & goodie-wise! (Especially the goodies…mmmmmmmm!)

    I have been watching the Olympics daily, but have to confess that I don’t pay that much attention to the commentators…you put me to shame! That info regarding athletes paying fees to challenge was definitely new to me!

    Thanks for your blogs, I can tell you put a great deal of thought into them…they are always interesting & fun! :)

    • Awww! You are always so sweet to me!!! Thanks!
      And to show your appreciation properly, you can make me a polka dot cake with lots of little polkies when I come to bisit. Yeth, I said, bisit. hwhw!

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