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I Was Wrong! Sooooo Wrong.

Such an interesting day today!

Today, after about 2 hours of sleep I woke early enough to bathe and groom for our doctor appointments. For the first time in months, I was able to style my hair dry without having to lie down and re-bathe the sweat off! I felt good.

At the doctor’s office, they were running behind already (my appointment was for 8:30 a.m.), so we sat in a room and I read an article or two to my sweetheart from National Geographic. One article was on photographing zebra stripes and uploading them to a new program that bar-codes their stripe patterns so they can be studied and tracked without shooting things into them.

The other article was on hidden ancient treasure found in England by a farmer with a metal detector. It turns out to be gold and gems fashioned into materials the warriors wore into battle.

After we each had our doctor appointments, I took Gene to get cigarettes and took him home. He was not looking very well. He doesn’t handle the heat well, anymore. I took him home so he could have some protein and gator-aide to drink and lie down for a while.

I went on to Costco to shop for a few things. It was a short trip, as we needed only a few things from there. I had told my sweet heart that I would be back in a short bit. I was wrong.

But I was three for hours! I walked nearly every isle to try to get movement in. It is so hot these days it is hard to want to get out and walk, even in the morning hours. So, I walked Costco! It is a very large store, so it was a decent walk.

Side of Costco, Chico, California USA

I was in line to pay for things, and realized it was way past time to eat. So I ordered a hot dog and paid at the register. I think nearly everyone in the store had the same thought. It was difficult to find a place to sit and eat. I found a spot where I could park the grocery cart next to my table and not block the walkway for others.

Costco dogs with Gene for Valentine’s Dinner. lol!

As I was biting into my hot dog, I heard a man’s voice behind me asking if he could join me. I realized I had the only empty seats at my table, so I said, sure! He was a very nice man, a couple of years younger than my mom and, like her he looks younger than his years. He was very chatty. So chatty that he never stopped talking. But he was very interesting and I didn’t mind a bit. He had traveled the world with his metal detector and found many very old coins. I mentioned the article I had just been reading, and he had read it, too!

He told me that his wife had been in marketing and just had to go up and down each isle in the store, so he sits it out and she joins him when she’s finished.

Just when I was almost finished with my hot dog (they are huge), she came up and needed something to eat. She is a sweet woman, and looks much younger than her years. (They met in an airplane a few decades ago when he was working in Saudi Arabia. It is quite the story.)

After he was finished talking and wanted to leave, he stood up to take things to the car, but she was still eating, so he left us alone. This is what she was waiting for. While he was there, he was all about happiness and no complaining and nothing but positive, which was fun but I could tell she was “fading”. It is something I do quite regularly.

She began to chat a lot once he was gone, and she is most definitely going through some rough things with her health. I could tell she is not only weary, but also afraid. She is having more heart issues, and looking at yet one more surgery ahead. She is a very perky and happy woman overall, just currently concerned, and rightly so.

The wonderful thing about this connection, is that she picked up on some things with me, even though I am having the best day I have had in a month or more. Recently I read an article about finding a group of local people who can understand what you go through with neuropathy. This woman led such a group for over 10 years. It turns out that she has it, too and has been on insulin since I was about 4 years old.

As she talked, I heard so much of my own symptoms and life in what she was saying. Here was someone who understood my life! It is so hard to talk to others who don’t know the reality of this, and who really can’t understand what you are going through. I was wrong about not needing to talk with people face to face about how your life is impacted through this disease. It is such a relief!

I was in Costco for about 4 hours, and 1 hour of it was before I met this lovely couple. I left with her phone number and plan to call her regularly and check in with her about her heart issues, and when her surgery is coming up. I promised her I would pray. She is one who says to not ever look at getting better or being healed. She has tried everything over the years. I am too practical to think modern medicine can “cure” what ails me, but I do believe God can heal me completely. So, I am praying for us both. I hope to see an answer that brings this lovely woman hope. She is delightful and compassionate.

And both of our husbands have the same first name!

I did get a couple of hours of deep sleep this evening. I woke so late that I didn’t want my sweet husband to wait for me to cook chicken and rice and vegies for his dinner. So, I went through a drive-through burger place thinking it would be faster. I was wrong.

Jack In the Box Family Restaurants

I ended up going inside this place as the line was so long. But the line inside was almost as long! The young men standing there were drunk and very friendly. I asked if they were in line, and they told me to go first. I stood behind them, feeling that they needed food more than I did! ha-ha!

These young men were so nice, and the one walked up to me and chatted about how much he loved my T-shirt. It has a brown bear on it, a big one! The shirt was a gift from my sister-in-love, Halogirl1.

I was chatting away with him when I suddenly realized I didn’t have my front tooth in! I was so embarrassed and flustered that I didn’t really catch it quickly enough when he said Yosemite and California didn’t really have brown bears, did they? Wasn’t it black bears? I almost walked..I mean..ran out of the place to go home and get my front tooth! I have never done this before! I thought I could never bear to talk without it in public. I was wrong.

Bear shirt with ribbon for abuse awareness.

By the way, the brown bear is on the state’s flag! he-he! He sure was drunk!

I gathered myself, and we talked of bears and Alaska (led in by Polar bears) and aurora borealis Northern lights and various topics. I had expected mockery, which I have experienced a lot before, and staring at my mouth. I was wrong. These young men were as if nothing was out of the ordinary at all. They talked face-to-face with me as if all was normal. And they were kind and respectful, drunk as they were.

As I waited for my order, after these two left, another young man walked up and wanted to use my cell phone. I checked my pockets and realized that I had left it at home, sitting next to the dish with my front tooth in it! I told him I was sorry that I had left it at home, and he thanked me for checking and nodded politely, again not showing any discomfort about my lack of front tooth.

The young man serving me was also acting as if there was nothing abnormal at all, and I didn’t feel it was put on or an act.

Earlier, when the first young man was leaving, he said we were all empty inside according to Depak Chopra. I feel so sad that I was so shocked about styling my hair yet forgetting my tooth, that I failed to catch the opportunity to share that we are made with a God-shaped void in us. It is the place where the Holy Spirit of God our Creator is to live in us. But we must invite Him, He doesn’t break in where he isn’t invited or welcome.

I missed my chance to share this with him because,  in my shock I was focused on my appearance. I thought it would matter so much to those looking at me and talking with me.

In my experience, women have the hardest time with issues like this, and I expected the young men to have issues, too.

I was wrong. It didn’t really matter after all. The beauty of these young men is astounding, the drunk, the homeless, the student, the worker. All beautiful as they are. And so am I.

I missed my chance. But God never misses. So, I pray that God meet this young, very spiritual-minded and kind young man again, with another chance through another person. He deserves more encounters, don’t you think?

Have you ever had a day filled with God-ordained encounters?

Was it something obvious to you, or did you catch on later?

Have you ever been sure or something, or had an expectation, only to be so wrong?

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