Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | August 12, 2012

23 hours to go…

Well, here we are. The end of of Craft Olympics is in 23 hours.

I thought we only had a little over an hour when I first posted this, but then found out closing ceremonies are tomorrow! So, we have another day, and until midnight after closing ceremonies! Woot-woot!

So, how did it go?

Did you do anything?

I started out well, with sketching, though it was strange what came up. laughing all the way, here

I am still working on things, and starting to get a room shaped with perspective. I read on perspective and am trying it out. So far, so good!

My friend, St. D is still working on her crochet pillows. They are turning out lovely. I have a few photos I will share at a later time.

My sister, Binkysbaubles is writing her story. It started as a short story, but she wants it published and has found out that publishers are not really interested in short stories unless you are a well-known author. So, she decided to go for the long haul and do a full novel out of it.

She is very, very good. I have always known she is good and is excellent with words. She has quite a gift with words and turns of phrase.

She wrote a couple of paragraphs for the opening, and it was so good that at the very beginning she hooked me in, and by the end, I was deep in and wanting more. You read this and you ask, “where’s the rest?” I need more!!!

So, she is still working on her story, and I am still working on illustrating for it. We will see how we go, but at least we got started, and that was something neither of us was able to do until now. So, we fulfilled our goal, which was to do something we hadn’t done before, and to start what we couldn’t seem to break through and start.

Honestly, I was hoping to get more done by now, but hot weather, smokey (from fires) air and health issues in my household sapped me for now.

Good news, I made it though the prep and medical tests Thursday and Friday! whew!!! Very unpleasant.

My friend, Sweet D started sewing her liners for a basket, and her mom, Mommy L decided to redecorate her kitchen area. It is a soon-to-be-revealed ta-da. She is waiting for some elements to come in the mail and then she will be finished. They both worked on it and also she has been cleaning in preparation for company coming.

So, we’ve had authoring a story, sketching, crocheting, sewing, painting and remodeling. Not a bad combination of arts/crafts this past couple of weeks.

I will show you more as I feel up to it.

For now, I am easily fatigued and have asthma and a bit of anaphylaxis going on, so I am taking it easy this weekend.

How did it go for you? Did you find something to do? Did you do anything you haven’t done before?

I would love to hear about and see your creative endeavors.

Did you enjoy the Olympic events? How did your nation do?

The USA did very well, even with the disappointment of some athletes.

What events do you favor watching the most?

For me, I enjoy the artistic gymnastics and the swimming very much.

I hope that, whatever you’ve been up to, you are having fun!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


  1. I can’t believe it’s almost over!! All of the anticipation…and already we are at the end…sigh!

    I am so glad that God gave you the idea of the Craftilympics; and I do believe it was a God thought, sista dear! I don’t know if I ever would have actually started on the story if it wasn’t for all of your gentle pushing & prodding.

    I am so excited to bring this story to completion, and to see the wonderful illustrations that I know will be key to the completion.

    Thank you, my bestie!

    • yes roceheting pilows trying new dsigns too. got back to drawing too hard but wanted to try again1 especialy as i have erasers now yea! danette

  2. The last wall is getting painted right now. :)

    Sadly with my health issues, my sewing never got completed. Maybe I can do some more before grandma arrives. :)

    I did coupon for arts and craft stuff today so that should could count. Lol

    Donating a bunch to a school teacher I know. Thinking she will be elated!

    Glad to see your drawings. Hope you are feeling “okay” as okay does. Love you!

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