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End of the Olympics.



Well, Olympics are now over, and it is past midnight so Craft Olympics are also over.

I had slept through the afternoon/early evening today so I missed the majority of the closing ceremony. I was not happy with myself, but felt so crummy I didn’t really trump up enough energy to get upset. Pathetic, isn’t it?

I had the thought that during the events, they televised repeats of that day’s events during the night and wee morning hours. I hoped they would do the same thing with the closing ceremony, but wasn’t holding my breath.

There were other shows on after the Olympics were over, so I thought perhaps that was all.





I decided to check again just to be sure, and switched back to the channel and here it is! After 1 a.m. and they are doing the beginning of closing ceremonies again! Woot-woot!




I am very happy to see it. I will surely miss the night viewing of such amazing feats.

Since the closing ceremony was before our first televised showing here, there are some good pics for me to share with you.








Hope you enjoyed the ceremonies.

Honestly, I had a hard time following so much of it. It seemed to me to be very visually difficult and not always easy to hear the music or speakers well. It is too bad, since so much work and money went into it.

But, there were parts that were especially wonderful and well worth the watching.

I loved the part where the athletes of the nations came in joyfully with their nations’ flags. It was so celebrational, wasn’t it?

It was great watching the athletes enjoy this as a sort of global party for them. They were having such a great time with the stars and music. It was good to see, especially after all their hard work.

Stephen King says in his book “On Writing”, that his editor taught him to “kill your darlings”. I think the person who wrote, choreographed and directed these ceremonies could learn from this. Not everything you love belongs in one thing. Sometimes, though you may love something very much, and even take great pleasure in it, you have to kill your darlings. Get brutal and cut them out. The entire piece will be better for it.

As for me, my favorite part of the Olympics was watching the athletes give it their all, and their emotions, whether or not they got what they were striving for. Congrats to every one of you!






Eric Idle was hilarious! I did so enjoy the fun routine of Always Look On The Bright Side of Life with him, the cannon, the Bollywood dancers and the roller skating nuns! Just so much fun!

And the back half of the music performances was so much more fun for me than the whole earlier session of the ceremony.








And what is the deal with us rebellious, independent Americans, anyway? We may have broken off of England, but our flag is the same color combination and our song’s tune is from God Save the Queen!!!

I am laughing here. And yes, God please keep saving the Queen. We love her!



  1. I remember being given an assignment in Creative Writing for a High School English class. I decided to write a lovely story of a variety of people all on their separate vacation at the same winter chalet in the snowy mountains.

    I got to a certain point in my assignment when I realized I was almost at my limit…number of words requirement, that is! I had no idea what to do, or how to go back and rewrite said story…I mean, I could have lost valuable info here! Lol!

    So I came to the only logical conclusion for this idyllic winter wonderland scenario…I killed off all of the major characters.

    Yes, I know…I was twisted even back in high school! :)

    • Hahahahaha! I can count on you to relate to my comments.
      You took “kill your darlings” a little too literally!
      In the case of this “artist”, he just crammed all of his vision into this event, causing chaos! He could have “killed” a few of his vision bits and saved them for another time/resurrection. sigh! Almost as hard to sit through to get to the good stuff as the Opening was. bleh!

  2. Somehow the last two weeks have flown by, and I only saw snatches of the Olympics, so I especially appreciated your pictures and observations, ShelleyJo. I just read back through your posts for the recent ones I missed, and am sorry that you are experiencing so many health challenges, and yet happy for you that in the midst of them you are enjoying a lively relationship loving God and those around you. I have just completed a little crochet project, been trying to track through some paperwork, learn to navigate better on my electronic equipment, while still focusing on loving God and others. Blessings to you and yours =)
    Gracie xxx

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