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Fire Burning, Shootings and Diabetes

Lovely trim on denim skirt.

Hello, my lovelies!

I have done a bit of a drop-off of blogging recently, haven’t I? And not working on my art or craft lately, either. Bah! Too overwhelmingly sleepy a lot of the time.

Tonight I have spent a few hours reading a few blogs and visiting needlework websites for inspiration and ideas. I love what you creative ones come up with! Amazing!


I have had a few health issues, and I will just tell you that the majority of them are related to diabetes. I am a brittle diabetic, which I hate to say. Confessing that just hurts my heart. Though I have studied up, taken classes relating to diabetes, and taken care of diet and exercise overall since I was 19, it got me anyway. I believe that, even though there is strong family history on both sides of my parents’ families, the main reason diabetes “got me” was that I didn’t successfully lose and keep my excess weight off. I don’t know it for sure, but I believe that and am sure it is a large contributor.

I still struggle with that to this day, even though I had lost 87 lbs. in 6 months and worked hard for it, the diabetes skyrocketed out of control like never before. Mainly due to my job lay-off and lack of health care for too long. I thought I could exercise 6 days a week for at least an hour and eat less refined carbohydrates and “fix” this problem of soaring blood sugars without the meds. Because of the time of lack of medical care and medication, I am now on insulin. I have been allergic to every insulin I have tried. But the long-acting insulin I am on now gives me the least amount of negative reactions, and none are life-threatening as some were.

I will confess that I HATE taking insulin. I have never had a problem with needles or injections, but after a year of this, and all of the reactions on my tummy from injections, I got to dreading it. I have been praying through this, as dread is no good. I practice being thankful for the insulin and the availability of it for me.

Another thing I hate to confess, but am honest enough to say it, is that I am on County Medical Assistance. I swore as a child I would always work and never take from government “benevolence” as an adult. I would pay taxes to help people with children and elderly people. Here I am, just over a year of being on assistance, health care provided and it just “sticks” with me. Do you know what I mean? Humble, humble.

My lay-off from work has definitely changed me. Which is a good thing in many ways. Pride is something to be dealt with, but never fun.

I have said these things before, but find I am still struggling with it, so am confessing again.

But thank God for it! My blood sugar is still far too high, but lower than it was, which is wonderful. Later today, I have an appointment with a neurologist about 45 minutes from home. It is a meet-and-greet appointment, which I hope will result in approval for nerve conduction tests, showing what problems I am having with neuropathy, yet hoping there is no tremendous damage.

Sundial Bridge a favorite place I visit in Northern California

God’s loving care in my life is so strong I cannot deny it. Just Sunday there was another shooting in the apartment complex I live in, and once again we were in the news. Apparently, it was drug related. No deaths, thank God! But many children live on that side and some were right there when it happened. Not one of them were shot and I am so thankful!

It happened in a manner that I was unaware of it until my husband came in from coffee time with a buddy of his. There was crime scene tape all across that end of the complex, and across both ends of our street. So, Sunday evening our “date-night” ride and goodie (mmm! Tea with ice!) was out.

It was okay, though. The new medication I am on for my stomach kicked in so well that I slept all night! Really! I have done that 3 nights out of 5, which is the most night-time sleeping I have done in at least 7 years! I have slept more in less than a week than I have in 3 years! I feel a bit sluggish now, though I slept last night and took a nap today. I am hoping to adapt better to this medication, as it is helping me so much that it is amazing!

Our Northern California area is burning. We are all on alert as there are so many large fires burning out of control around us. Our lovely valley is socked in with smoke from these fires, and it is very hard to breathe without a face mask. It is sad. I woke this morning thinking it was night, as our room was as dark as it is at 9:00 p.m. I am so thankful for the fire fighters who are working such long and hard hours to try to contain the fires.

I also just watched a video clip that showed the world’s cataclysmic events in August. I guess, for me the most shocking thing on that entire video was a clip I never did see of the Olympics.

There was the medal ceremony happening, and the 3 countries flags raising in the air while the USA’s national anthem was playing. At a very critical line in the song, the American flag broke loose and fell to the ground from the highest height! I was gasping and jaw-dropped. There was gasping in the crowd, but also some laughter. It just grieved me to see our flag fall and land on the ground. It fell during the line, “gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”.

Did any of you see this moment televised? I didn’t, and I watched every day! God bless the USA and her people. I know many of you in other nations see the traumas and political battling (an election year makes it worse), and all the nonsense, but please remember that we who live here love our nation! We are people like any people. This was just very shocking and sad.

Well, lovelies, it is hard to focus enough to write this and I know it is a bit boring and not fun with pretty pictures. I want to refer you to a lovely post by Maggie today. It really brightened my day with her pretty pictures and bright colors.

Enjoy this lovely day!

I will try to post more fun and colorful things more regularly.



  1. Wonderful blogging, so glad you’re back! I really appreciated your frankness in sharing your health issues. I can so relate! I was sooo proud of myself for losing over 100 lbs, and keeping diabetes under control without meds for over 7 years. But you know that old proverb, “Pride goeth before a fall…”! Now I have to work on undoing the damage that I’ve done…sigh.

    I am so thankful that you have this assistance available to you now, so that you may have the meds and other necessities.

    You are such a blessing to me, my li’l Jiminy Crickett! I know we chat regulartly on FB, but I so enjoy your blogsl (Yet another way for you to ‘nudge’ me…lol) :)

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