Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | September 17, 2012

From Death Into Life

Where Life and Love Abide

I know I have been absent from blogging for a while. There have been various reasons, including my health, medical tests, and my brother, Michael taking a turn for the worst. I spent more hours with him and his wife, my precious friend and sister-chick, Teri aka: Halogirl1.

At 2:45 a.m., on September 14th, Michael Lex Hoover was promoted to Glory. He is finally whole. In our faith, when you accept Christ Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you are born into new life, into an eternal life and family. Michael believed this whole-heartedly. He loves the Lord.

His body has been seriously ill for many, many years and he has suffered greatly. His body was already breaking down from the death invading his life on this earth. But, on the morning of the 14th, he passed from the death in his body into Life with the God he loves so much.

This comforts me greatly, though I still grieve my own loss, which is great. I know I will see him again, but miss him very much for now.

Daddy’s girl.

This beauty is Myke’s daughter. She has always been his daddy’s girl. He loves her so much, and it warms my heart to see her love for him.

Myke and his little girl.

And this is his darling when she was a little girl.

Papa’s li’l man saying, Peace Papa!

This little guy is Myke’s youngest grandchild and only grandson. The youngest of his beautiful daughter’s family. He was so precious the last evening of Myke’s life. He didn’t want to leave him, and was more cuddly than he’d ever been with him. Such sweetness for such a tough time. Brought us sweetness for the bitterness of grief in our bellies.

Cuddling Papa’s legs.

Lying close to Papa for the last time.

Such a precious time with the kiddos.

Lynda and Myke’s oldest grandchild in saying their goodbyes.

Such a tough night for the rest of us, but they all came and stayed, lingering though they were exhausted. Such a beautiful act of love.

Teri and the kiddos lingering with Myke.

The rest of Lynda’s kiddos and Teri, staying close to Papa, though it is well past bedtime on a school night. They were so tired, but lingered long.

Goodbye, Daddy. I love you! I will miss you, but it’s okay.
Go to Jesus.

Final I love you’s.

I can’t locate the picture of my sweet husband saying goodbye right now.

After Myke died, Teri and I went to tell his daughter, and Gene took that time to talk with Myke. He told me about it when I got back. I am so glad he had the privacy to say what he wanted out loud. He seems to have less problems with grieving now, so I believe it really helped him to get out what he needed to. I don’t know what he said, but it helped him.

My sweetheart and my oldest brother, Myke were close buddies, so I know he is feeling it as much as I am.

A song from our childhood. The boys would “air guitar” this song, and we would all sing it. It is a song he and I both wanted on his memorial DVD, which I will post when I get a copy. It is not quite finished yet. His wife has been working on it for quite a while.

I will be blogging a few more about my big brother, the Vietnam Vet and mighty warrior.

For now, I will say, “Good bye, Mykie, and I will see you soon!”


  1. My precious ShelleyJo, Thanks for sharing the love expressed at the time Myke was getting ready to meet Jesus face to face. It was difficult to read through eyes filled with tears. I only wish I would have been well enough for us to drive up and be there. Diana had talked with Myke just days before and he was more concerned about my health than his own. Didn’t want me to try and drive up. Love to all of our family, Fred.

  2. So beautiful! What a sweet tribute, and I know there is more to come. Thank you for sharing, baby sister.

  3. Brought me to tears and goosebumps. Love you and I’m here for you.

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