Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 4, 2012

Day 2 of sketching with ink only

Well, here I am again, trying to sketch with ink only. I have learned straight off that ink is unforgiving, especially black.  ha-ha!

I had a hard time dealing with how the pawn turned out the other day, so last evening I started sketching the outline of the same pawn image again.

I realized that it would have a better chance to look decent if I started with the outline. So I did that.

I also thought I’d mark where the highlights and shadows would go so that it would be easier when I was filling in with ink.

As I looked at the photo, I saw some things I wanted to adjust, like the bottom edge, so I tried for some forgiveness.

And, after the photo, still didn’t care for the bottom edge, among other things, so I tried for forgiveness again. ha-ha!

At this point I realized I am only making things worse and needed to start on some fill in and highlights. But, again, working with only one color of ink is so different. I remembered the other day that someone talked about cross hatching, and when I had looked at their pictures, it seemed to be making some lines down and some across to color without filling in altogether.

On the first pawn image I had tried some cross hatching, or what I think is meant by that. It is hard to get used to the look, but I thought it worked. So, today when I was working on the fill-in of the pawn I sketched last evening, I tried for it again. The only thing I liked better about the first sketch of the pawn was the light color that the cross-hatched area turned out to  be. Today, I was heavier handed.

There was, however, a reason. The unforgiving factor of ink. I would decide I didn’t care for something, then try to make it better, and ended up with the lighter areas being darker on this one. I think I liked that part lighter.

Overall, though I am the most happy with this second one. I think the shape turned out better. I am not liking it as much as I’d hoped, but it is an improvement, which is a good thing, right?

I did the fill-in of the pawn today, and much of it was while sitting at a fast food burger place waiting for Halogirl1 to get there for her lunch break. It was a great table and had decent lighting. Plus, I liked the background music. The atmosphere actually seemed to relax me, though there was much going on all around me. At the table across from me, a man who was pretty ragged was talking with his invisible friend. At first I thought it might be an ear piece for his phone, but it turned out he was “transmitting” some data about me, my sketch, who I was waiting for, the person at the next table and the employee who brought his food.

This sounds strange to some people, but I felt quite at home, relaxed, and somewhat amused since he didn’t seem agitated or suffering from his “company”. And well, I felt like I was back at work.

I finished this piece at home, after speaking to my pastor about my brother so that if I have a weepy episode at the memorial service he can tell the people what I would have said. I am still having spacial problems, as well as shadow and light, but I think I got better, which is a start. I need to learn how to cast the shadow off of it, but didn’t want it to blend in with the pawn, itself. So, lots to learn and getting braver to tackle it with joy.

My husband actually noticed that I was sketching and came over to see it. (Has never happened. He is not interested. Not that he doesn’t care about me, mind you. He does. His mom was a top-notch artist, teaching art teachers, so he has been surrounded with the best all of his life.)  The most amazing thing is that he was able to tell me immediately what it was (he is visually impaired, legally blind). He didn’t say what he thought about it other than that, but I wasn’t expecting that. It was just so awesome that he checked it out, and that he could identify it! Isn’t that a happy spot? It sure is for me!

I hope you all have had a wonderful day, as I have. And if there is some kind of hardship or sorrow in your life today, I pray that God give you someone who appreciates even the smallest things about you and wants your company, like my Halogirl1. And, I pray that there is something, however small, familiar or new that will bring you some challenge to take your mind off of the happenings in your life. I pray for joy in this and for someone who enjoys hearing you tell happy stories about people you love, as Pastor Buck did for me today.

God bless each one of you with love, peace, fulfillment and joy!


  1. Getting better & better! :)

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