Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 22, 2012

Glorious Rain!!!

Myke’s rose bush from Tawny.

Hello, lovely readers!

I was sitting here at midnight with the patio door open, the wind blowing more gustily than I have heard or felt in so long. I have had a lifting of my spirit with this refreshing wind. Then, suddenly at half past 12, I heard it. Rain!!! Then the smell wafted into my living room, the glorious smell of rain cleansing my neighborhood, my patio, my senses. I am so grateful for this small rain and the gusty winds that I am moved to tears.

I am one of the odd folks that favor autumn AND winter weather.

I do understand that winter can bring a stripping that is unpleasant, but somehow I welcome that, too…though admittedly not as much as I favor the refreshing and the washing part of the seasons.

I have been meaning to blog on the memorial of my brother, Michael (Myke). I can’t explain what I go through when I look through the pics. It is positive, but somehow runs so deep in me, in a way that I can’t put it in writing. If this continues long, I will blog a photo-blog of it without words.

One thing that I loved was the planting of the rose bushes for him. He loves rose bushes, and planted one for each great love of his life in the last house they lived in before this one. He wanted roses at this home, too so we felt it was a way to honor his life.

Tawny, halogirl1’s awesome sister honored Myke’s life with this one. The close-up above is from this one. He would love this!

Tawny not only bought and delivered this bush, she also dug the holes for all of the rose bushes planted! Isn’t she awesome?!

Myke’s rosebush from mom.

This one needed better tending before purchase, but I wish you could see a better photo of the lovely color and shape of these roses. Mom bought it for Myke. She really wanted to be part of this so much. It is completely the wrong season in our area for rose bushes, and some places wouldn’t even sell them now, but these were flowering which makes my heart happy.

Myke’s rosebush from mom.

Tim planting Myke’s rosebushes

Special thanks to Tim (my nephew) and Fred (his dad) who made sure the rosebushes were planted for us in a way that would last.

There was also a wonderful rosebush sent by halogirl1’s workplace that is more like a tree with the roses all in a round ball shape at the top. I just realized that I didn’t get a photo of it. The blossoms were dried up, but it will be amazing this spring and summer.

Tonight’s rain is just the right kind to refresh the roses for Myke. Enough to make a difference, and gentle enough to do no harm.

Well, I am surprised and delighted that I could do this much of a blog on it. I really do want to share more, I just seem to be jammed up at the moment and this is encouraging that I will “unblock” soon.

Blessings upon your beautiful heads and everything underneath them. Much love your way.

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