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“Adventures” in plumbing?



Well, I must say that the past couple of days has been interesting, to say the least.

We have had leaking faucets for a very long time, and recently the kitchen faucet began to have a steady stream of water running from it at all times. It was hot water.

So, I filled out a maintenance request (again) at our complex office and yesterday the maintenance man came by to take care of the kitchen sink. He is a very sweet man, and likes my husband. It was nice to hear them chatting. Since I sleep days, I stayed in our room under the covers. He didn’t have to shut all of the water off for the kitchen sink, so I was happy with that.

I get nervous when they have to shut all of the water off for very long. Not only can we not flush the toilet with water off, but we can’t wash hands, either.

Pretty soon, Gene went out to have a cigarette and visit the guys he has daily chats with. I could hear the maintenance man working away, and wondered what was taking so long to change a faucet washer.

Suddenly, I heard a very horrible sound. A loud, crashing, thumping sound that shook the place. We are upstairs, so it really rattled the place. My heart was pounding and I was close to jumping out of bed to run and see what was going on. Then, I realized that I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. I could hear the maintenance guy fussing and sawing, hammering, pounding and all sorts of commotion going on in my kitchen, so I covered my head with my blanket and tried to take deep breaths and feign sleep.

After a while, I heard my husband come  back in and the stories began. Apparently, there’d been some difficulty turning some part of the pipe, so the guy was sawing, then hammering at it, and then the sink…yes, the ENTIRE sink dropped out onto him! Really? All of this for a washer?

Not only did it fall out, but he caught it before it hit him in the chest (thank God!,) and then held it in one hand while he tried to work with the other hand. As they chatted, it came up that our sink is really cast iron! It is covered with porcelain, so we never knew. Who’d-a thought? Must have been a seriously heavy thing for him to hold with one hand.

As they continued to talk, my sweetheart started asking how all of this took place, and it came out that he wasn’t able to turn the part that holds the washer in it, so he thought he would just cut it and the rest of the story continues…

As the maintenance man left, he told my husband that we only had hot water in that faucet, and that he would be back the next afternoon to finish it and to fix the washer in the tub faucet. To fix the tub washer, he would have to shut all the water off for the whole complex. I heard this conversation, but let my husband tell me about it to be sure I heard right. Yes, it is okay to use the sink, but there is only hot water.

Long about 4 a.m., I was winding down and feeling sleepy, so I go in and do the dishes. Suddenly, I realize I am standing in water! I mean plenty of water, like about an inch or so. I open the cupboard under the sink and see an inch of water standing in the bottom, and it flowed out onto the floor. By then I am so done with everything, and I grab a bath towel, toss it on the floor, make sure it is soaking up enough of the water on the floor and go to bed!

Later this morning, I could hear my sweetie up and stirring about in the kitchen, running water for his coffee. I realized I hadn’t told him that the sink leaks all the water out. I came out to show him and he shook his head and took his coffee out to enjoy the company of his friends out at the community area. I was relieved he saw humor in it instead of being upset. After all, what can we do, anyway? Being upset doesn’t change anything but how you feel.

He came in and shared their conversations, and said none of them want to mention their dripping faucets now! We laughed and I decided to stay up since I wasn’t sleepy anyway. We cleaned up the water mess and left the cupboard open to dry.

This afternoon, since I hadn’t been able to sleep, I was resting when the maintenance man came in to finish his work. My sweetheart showed him the mess and he was surprised that it leaked. Apparently he had forgotten to connect something and hadn’t tightened something else down. Do ya think? I was laughing quietly, and trying to ignore the mess, but I could feel my blood pressure rising, because…

there was a lot more hammering, more sawing, and then more banging ensued and then I finally hear the man in our bathroom. 10 minutes later he is finished. Phew!

After I heard him leaving, I got up to check on our bathtub and sink faucet. All seemed fine. Better than fine, actually. We have a new faucet in the kitchen! Yay! Ours was 50 years old or so, and corroded. (According to the maintenance man and manager, this place is at least 50 years old. I am not surprised since we have been here 30 of those years.)

I finally slept deeply for a few hours.

This evening, I have already done the dishes, just to play in the sink and water. I enjoyed it very much. I do enjoy washing dishes and counters. But now, I need to do a deep scrub of both the sink and the bath tub, and the walls around them. They are filthy after his work and it is ground in pretty well.

Although it seemed crazy to have so much going on to fix a dripping faucet, I am so glad to be able to shut the water off completely. It has been a very long time.



I came in after visiting my sister-in-love and her new baby bird, a Parotlet and I was so happy that I divided up some flowers and took some downstairs to the older woman who lives there. She’d been sitting on the lower step of our staircase when we came home from our visit. She sits outside to have a cigarette and some alone time. We each hugged her and came up to our place. I saw the bouquet that I had been given by our pharmacy staff last evening. I just had to give some to grandma.

She has lost her dad, whom she was caring for, and her son, all of her brothers and now her great-grandson. Her great-grandson is one neighbor who had been shot by a young man in a gang. He was killed. He was so beautiful and had a beautiful baby daughter and a toddler daughter. It was a very sorrowful loss.

“Grandma” lives with her daughter, grand daughter and many kids, and whomever comes and goes in that little apartment. She is miserable with her sorrow, but tries to not complain, and to make the best of things. I am not sure of her age, but I think she is older than my mom, or near her age, which is mid-eighties.

When she saw the pretty, bright flowers and realized they were for her, she cried and kept telling me she loved me forever and ever and ever. Ha-ha! She hugged and kissed me so much she made me cry. I wondered if she had ever been surprised with a few flowers “just because”.





Once before she had told us she loved Chinese food, but she never has any these days, so the next time we ate Chinese food we  brought her some. That was before my unemployment money ran out. We haven’t been able to do much more than love on her since. When I was given these flowers, I decided to share them and spread the joy and color. I accidentally deleted the photos of the bright, deep pink ones. The one I took downstairs was huge! And it was so perfect. I loved it very much. It was just the right one to perk up her place.

Teri and Buddy


Teri and Buddy


Teri and Buddy 

Teri learning to whistle in the pitch Buddy likes and responds to. This little guy is making her work for bonding. He was sure showing off tonight for company, though. He took to my husband right away, which is expected. My husband is loved by all kinds of animals. Buddy finally got all sassy and played for Teri, too. He is so cute!

I wasn’t able to send the video clip of him responding to my husbands whistling. I wish I could show you how adorable he is.

Running hot water, no dripping, no leaks, a new faucet, a visit with my sister-in-love, a sweet little 4 month old bird and lots of love from my neighbor. How much better can life get?

All in all, a happy evening.

God is so very good, isn’t He? He sends all kinds of happy things into our daily lives, no matter what is going on.





  1. What a nice post. Way to find the positive in life. I love you!

  2. I love how everything becomes an adventure, and an entertaining tale! (I’m sure it didn’t feel that entertaining at the time.)

    I love your new faucet….yay for you!

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