Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 19, 2012

National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo

I realized after I posted yesterday’s post that I hadn’t put the site link for NaNoWriMo on my blog or blogroll. My apologies!

the link is here:

On the left upper area, there is a Welcome section. At the bottom of it is a link you can click to learn how NaNoWriMo works.

I know it is too late in the month to start for this year, but I hope some of you who are interested in writing a novel bookmark this site and keep in touch with it.

I say it is too late to start because the requirement is 50,000 words or more, and I forget how many pages, but it is huge!

My measly little novella that I am working on does not meet requirement at all, being only a few hundred over 8,000 words and 25 pages or so. It isn’t done, but won’t be that many words.

I am just happy that I actually am working on a story, finally and it is coming together! The fact that I am working on it in November pleased me as well, since I have known about NaNoWriMo for a few years and am always interested in it. Then I lose track of it and am not prepared or remembering at all in November. So, this is a happy spot.

There are very few rules in NaNoWriMo, but one is that it must be 50,000 words.

It must be a novel, meaning work of fiction.

It must be started on or after November 1.

It must be completed by midnight (your own time zone) of November 30th.

You must sign in officially, and as far as I have ever seen it is free.

You submit your novel for word count by the deadline.

Once it is counted, you get a badge of completion.

The fun thing is that there are parts of others’ works posted for you to read and enjoy and some tips and suggestions, motivation to keep going, and that sort of thing.

There are also local groups around the world participating on getting together regularly in November to work together and encourage each other.

They do accept work from any country and any language.

Anyway, if this is something that is interesting to you, please do check the link to the website and save it for next year. Or, if you are very adventurous and have the time, jump in!

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