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Christmas Flashmob Video and a lovely statement

Jesus was never moved by external things because He lived by His inner life and the communion He had with His Father. He knew who God would be for Him in the midst of every trial, every disturbance, every misunderstanding and every occurrence of blindness on the part of people. He was not affected by the emptiness of the people around Him. He was there to bring light. So are we. Be His light in the darkness. -Jane Hansen Hoyt

Santa worshipping the infant Savior

Santa worshipping the infant Savior

The original St. Nicholas was a bishop who was very thin. He went door to door collecting dowry money for poor young ladies so they had a chance for a good marriage. He also collected warm clothing for poor families. I am not sure what else he did, but he was known to collect and distribute needed items to the poor. The fame of him spread throughout that nation, and spread to other nations. He wasn’t a fat, jolly man as depicted after the image of him changed over the years. He loved God very much, believed in Christ as the Savior of the world, and did what God called His people to do…love one another, and love others.

Beloved let us love one another. Love is of God. God is love. Love never fails.

This is what Christmas is really all about, remember the coming of our Savior, remembering to love others and give selflessly. It doesn’t mean the most expensive gifts = more love. It doesn’t mean going into debt to give what no one even really needs. It does mean to think of others, and not just yourself. In the USA, it is getting very cold at this time of year, and I am always wanting to know if people have warm enough sleepwear.

I personally believe in giving only out of what has been provided to you, and remembering that it was God who blessed you with what you have. I believe in sharing and giving out of what you have been given all year ’round. I love giving. I am learning to love receiving, too which is a lot harder, but growing easier. The one who cares enough to give enjoys it and should see your joy at their kindness.

I love the Christmas tree, the lights, the modest decorations, the gift wrapping to make it special, the cooking, the drives to see others’ lights and decorations, the visits with people, the baking and the wonderful sharing of a special meal.

We have had years that were so lean, or there was sickness so that things were not wrapped, nothing decorated, food was not special or if it was, wasn’t able to be enjoyed. If you are having one of those years, don’t worry. This will not last forever. We have had special meals delivered to us in hospital rooms (thanks, Michael, Teri, Linda, Diane and Danny!)

What really makes it Christmas is heart. It is love. If you are too tired to think you can love, no worries. Your heart is still your heart. If it loves, it loves no matter what you feel like, no matter what you are or are not able to do. Just love and receive love, in whatever way you are able. And remember, God always loves you. No matter what. He IS love. And He says, Love Never Fails. His nature and character do not shift and change with circumstances. His Love Never Fails. I hope this helps you smile and relax.

I tried sharing this a couple of days ago, but it wouldn’t let me keep it embedded in the blog. I am hoping that by doing it this way, it will work. This is honestly one of my alltime favorite flashmob videos ever and I really want everyone to have a chance to see it. The little boy near the end just touched my heart so much! And the voices are lovely. It is from: Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria. I really hope you can squeeze out the 5 minutes or so that it takes to watch the whole thing.


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