Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | December 8, 2012

Playing with something new

Family collage

Family collage

The other night, I felt like having an adventure, and finally decided to do a search on something I have seen on other blogs.

It looks like photo collage, and some call it a photo mosaic. I love the concept of a collection of photos in one square, so you can show a lot with a smaller amount of space, and in one area.

I have seen some post the collage photos at the end of each month, from a collection of that month’s blog photos.

I have seen some post a collage of photos of step-by-step photo tutorials in one area, rather than as you scroll down the post.

I wasn’t sure how people were doing this, and if you need a program to do it. So, I used Google Chrome search and typed in photo collage. In an instant a very long list of options appeared. Some were sites where people have you pay to do collages for you, and make things like calendars from them.

But I noticed that some were programs for you to use, and some were free. Now, I do not know a thing about this, and so none of the names appearing were familiar to me.

I decided to click on and was smiling within less than a minute. Here is what I was looking for! A free download of the program that merges your photos that are on your computer into it and allows you to choose, crop, randomly pile, collage, or any other number of things with your photos!

I played around with it immediately. I first made a collage from old childhood photos of most of my siblings and I. The baby wasn’t born yet, sorry baby brother! Michael, the oldest brother whom we lost in September is the one in the center. I do miss him terribly at times, but I know he is pain free, and I can live without him if it means he isn’t suffering.

Then, last night I made a collage of favorite photos downloaded from facebook.

I began to try making the header for my blog from it, but soon realized the diminsions for the header were different than the collage. I didn’t like the results very well.

The face of love1

Tonight, or more this morning in the wee hours, I played around with a different layout and more photos added in so just one row of the collage could be chosen for my header. I really like how it turned out, and I think it depicts what I want to say in this blog very well. I call this collage, the face of love.


The two above are halves of one collage, but to make a header, space is limited. So, I re-invented the collage to make what I most wanted on one row, as shown below.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you haven’t played with collages before, I encourage you to play. It is quite easy, and I am sure there is a way to do better than I have. But for now, this meets my desire. Do go and play yourself soon, okay? It is nice to be able to put something together that makes you happy.


Since my personal mission statement shown on the header of this blog says that my mission is to build, keep and impart God’s love in myself and others, I thought this collage showed a nice range of pictures of love from infancy through adulthood. And this is what I am about. I like it very much.

Thanks for stopping by!


I really, really LOVE my header! I sat here at browsed a few of my favorite colorful blogs, Lucy, Heather, Jacquie, Diana Lynn, Diane Renee, and a few others. As I browsed, I would come back to my page to click another link on my blogroll. I would see my lovely header and SMILE! It looks like LOVE to me. And that makes me all warm and happy all the way through. I am feeling quite punky lately, fighting off another flu/cold and the love just made me happy.


  1. I love what you’ve done with your collages! Such a clever gir :) I will have to go check out that collage website.

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