Posted by: shelleyjomoozings | August 22, 2013

A Video so lovely and refreshing!

I just viewed this video on facebook, and wanted to make sure everyone who wants to see beauty has an opportunity to see it. It is just too amazing to keep to myself.

I, personally believe in God as creator.

Yes, I have sat in many science courses that teach evolution and other theories. When I see something like this, I am astonished that anyone would believe this just happens and can’t see the Artist at work.

I also see, as time keeps moving along, that this earth is revealing the existence of its Creator, and of God. Many things have been revealed that prove out God’s word and what He has said all along.

But, even if you have seen these things, or believe in such evidence, this is just too lovely to “happen” all on its own, without intelligent design.

However, no matter what your belief, we can all be refreshed and uplifted at this level of beauty. This world is in such a mess, and for so many it is very hard. A video like this is like a mini vacation for those who can’t get away right now.

Please enjoy,


I apologize, but was unable to embed the original video I viewed on facebook. I went to youtube and am sharing these with you.


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