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True Story.

My husband and I have moved in with my sister-in-love, Teri. And, in the house next door are some of my darlings, my niece Lynda and her family of 8. I love these kiddos.

So, Teri, Gene and I were being lazy on a Saturday evening, and not wanting to cook or do dishes. Teri had worked an unexpected extra day and was looking like she needed to eat and get to bed early. We decided to go to Costco and have an inexpensive meal of hot dogs. We can all eat and have a beverage for under $5 for us all there.

As we were driving out our driveway, the oldest of Lynda’s darlings was chatting with a friend and had the family’s newest pet, a baby squirrel with her.

We stopped to say hi, and she came over to the car with her squirrel. I wanted to hold the baby, so she handed it over to me. As instantly as I held it to my chest, I felt a very warm and wet sensation on my bust. Just then, my darling niece says, “Careful, it might pee on you.” “Too late!”, says I. She starts laughing and telling me she’s sorry…NOT!

As the baby squirrel moves about my personhood, it jumps down to the floor of the vehicle, landing on a purse. I looked down to see my lovely purple shirt covered in squirrel pee on both sides, and all the way down my shirt! I said, “Oh, no! It’s on my purse!” Teri says, “No, its not. Its on MY purse.” I say, “Oh,okay. No worries, then.” Are you feeling the love here? Haha!

I pick up the baby and hand it to my laughing niece as it pees on my hand. You know, the hand with my pretty ring and 2 charm bracelets?

By this time, we are all laughing so much, and I tell Teri to take me back, I have to change. She teases me a bit and turns us around so I can change.

Once we got to the house and am unlocking the door, I start to smell the fragrance of the dear little baby. Whew! Potent stuff!

So, as I am removing pee-soaked garments, a favorite scripture came to mind, “My cup runneth over.”

I had just showered a few moments before leaving, but bathed again from the waste up. Drying off, I can still smell it, and still feel that special warm feeling all over. So, I wash again, dry off and dress in another purple shirt. I had taken off all jewelry and washed them in soap and water, and put them back on. That was about as good a job as I could do, so I return again to join the family.

We laughed all the way to Costco, where we were just a moment too late for a Saturday evening. They close earlier on weekends, so we decided to go to The Dog House for dinner. As we drove along, I could still smell that fragrance, and feel that warm, moist feeling. My sweetheart asked, “Who knew a baby squirrel’s bladder could hold so much?”

In our family, we love animated movies and one of our favorites is called “UP”. There is a dog in the movie that has a collar on that allows him to speak to people. But he’s a very easily distracted dog, and every time he gets distracted he yells, “Squirrel!” and is ready for the chase.

So, when we are changing subjects, we often say or type, “Squirrel!” Then we are free to talk about whatever our brain is thinking about instead of the current subject.

Well, as of Saturday night, we have another meaning for saying, “Squirrel!” And we laughed a lot all evening. Teri kept inserting the squirrel call into our conversation and laughing, even during our meal time. As we walked to the grocery store before heading home, we were a raucous group in the parking lot.

Gene had decided to hold a post up on the sidewalk and smoke while we picked up a few grocery items. As we were walking back from the store and getting close to him, we were singing, “What does the Fox say?” I am fairly obnoxious with that song because once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head for days. So I blurt out a line of the song whenever I want to liven things up.

As we were walking I sang, ” What does the dog say?” and “Squirrel!” Then I sang, “What does the squirrel say?” And Teri sang, “Pee pee pee, pee pee pee pee pee” to the tune of the song. She laughed so hard, and for some strange reason my sweet Gene was shaking his head at us and looking another way! I wonder why?

So, about 2 feet from him I called out to him, and asked, “Say, mister! You know us don’t you? You know you do!” I cracked up and he smiled his cute little quirky smile and shook his head no.

We bribed him with his supply of mocha mix that we’d just gotten and he walked with us to the car, poor fellow! There were these 3 young adults standing by their car and they had been so intense and kind of negative in their conversations earlier. But now, they were laughing at (with) us, and chatting happy chat.

It is so funny how one little moment can make a whole day happy!

I love all of God’s little creatures, don’t you?



  1. That’s is hilarious! So glad you blogged! Squirrel….I have a job interview in the morning and should be sleeping!

    • Thanks, sweetie! I am never sure if I am translating how funny something is well enough. I am still cracking up. Squirrel! I am praying for your interview! I didn’t know you were applying for work. I am so glad for you!

  2. I know you told me about this the other day, but you definitely had me “lol”ing again!! Hysterical! :D

    • I am so glad it came out funny in print. I am still laughing, and finally got over smelling that “fragrance”. Haha!

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